Transform Email into a Team Productivity & Collaboration Tool with Hiver

Transform Email into a Team Productivity & Collaboration Tool
Increasing productivity can be overwhelming for small and medium-sized businesses. Customer Relationship Management tools may be feature-rich, but also overkill for a 3-10 person team.

But what if a tool a team is already using could be transformed into a workflow and customer support system?

Introducing Hiver for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. It’s a web tool leveraging Gmail to turn a team into a Super Team Management tool.

Hiver General Overview

Let's face it, many small to medium sized business owners already rely on Gmail and Google Apps for communication and collaboration.

The challenge? Gmail doesn't come with an intuitive workflow and process for getting client work done. It’s simply loads of email.

Anyone who's had a client email or project task fall through the cracks via email inbox holes appreciates the danger of that black hole. But a solution is at hand: Hiver.

Hiver lets users embed crucial collaboration and team management functions right into Gmail. Now business owners can seamlessly communicate with clients AND their team, and keep track of projects...all via email.

They can simplify their workflow by adding these functionalities to their Gmail capabilities:

  • Project Management
  • Customer Support
  • Lead Management

Streamline Processes with Hiver

Today any business can leverage remote employees or hire virtual assistants. While it frees up business owners to concentrate on more important tasks, staying coordinated and effective can be a challenge.

Leveraging Hiver's built in process-streamlining functions keeps it coordinated. Here are key features:

Shared Gmail Labels

Gmail labels are nothing new. Gmail already allows users to create new labels for an email. Each label effectively "files" the email into one or more categories.

An example of a user's labels for business could be "New Leads" or "Task: Peter." But without Hiver, only one person has access to the Labels.

Hiver takes Gmail Labels a step further. After creating a label and assigning the label to the appropriate emails, the label can be shared with one or more users. Users can also create email templates.

For example, Bob on the sales team or perhaps the employees in charge of on-boarding a new client.

Simply add the Hiver Extension to the Chrome Browser from the Chrome Web Store. Hiver walks new users through the entire process in a couple of minutes with a step by step tutorial.

Shared Gmail Labels

Shared Contacts

Share and sync contact information between team members automatically. Hiver adds a layer of functionality to Google Contacts.

Create a contacts group within Gmail, and the group can be shared through Hiver. No more searching through emails or text messages for a prospect's information.

Hiver means an office-based team AND the mobile team in the field have up-to-the-minute prospect and client contact data.

shared contacts

Email Templates

An effective sales team appreciates speed - getting back to clients with the right information quickly and accurately can be crucial. A team can have a lightening-fast response time with email templates.

Create one email template in Hiver and share it across an organization with Hiver. Standardize a template email reply and a team's accuracy and speed in answering common questions increases.

shared gmail templates


Shared Notes

Sometimes email isn't enough. For those moments requiring internal coordination or information about a particular email, Shared Notes fits the bill.

Imagine a digital post-it note right next to an email. Only the people the note has been shared with can see shared notes. Hiver allows a team to coordinate around an email without accidentally team notes to the client. No more hunting for notes that have been emailed back and forth.

shared notes

Smarter Email

Hiver gives anyone's Gmail a higher IQ, and a team the ability to respond to clients' needs faster. It’s a tool to consider for keeping your team aligned and flowing in the same direction!

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