Tracking Traffic from Social Media and Mobile Devices with Google Analytics

Tracking Traffic from Social Media and Mobile Devices with Google Analytics 315

Knowing your audience is one of the fundamentals of marketing, and an important step for getting better conversions.

In today's world, simple web traffic knowledge is not enough. You need to have an understanding of deeper data points such as your social and mobile audiences as well. These audiences are having more and more of an impact on the web for one, and, second, mobile and social audiences are massively growing, and projected to continue scaling as shown in these stats:

  • The number of smartphones is predicted to grow to over 2 billion by the end of 2016.
  • 70% of smartphone users use social media on their phones.
  • 54% of Facebook users only use Facebook on their mobile device.

You cannot ignore the huge mobile and social audience if you want more conversions on your website. Your site needs to work well for these audiences and you need to know what is working. The good news is that Google Analytics makes it easy to learn more about your mobile and social audiences.

Here's how you can get started tracking traffic with google analytics:

Add Viewing Segments For Mobile Traffic

After you login to Google Analytics, click add segment on the dashboard.

tracking traffic with google analytics 4
A drop-down menu with many options will appear. Click the checkbox next to mobile traffic and any other segments you want to view and then click apply.

tracking traffic with google analytics 3
This will bring up a graph that compares all users with mobile traffic so you can see how much mobile traffic your site has received. The pie charts below the line graph break down the segments by percentage, so you can see the percentage of mobile visitors you've had.

tracking traffic with google analytics 2
Now that you have added the mobile viewing segment, you have a wealth of information available to you about your mobile visitors. You can find out about the age, gender, and interests of your visitors and how those interests break down according to the device used. You can also discover referral sources by device. All of this information can be used to learn more about your target audiences and how you can improve your marketing toward them.

Discovering Social Traffic

To learn more about your social traffic, scroll down on the sidebar to the left to the button labeled "acquisitions." When you click that, a drop down menu will appear with more options. Click the one labeled "social," and below that, "overview." You will then see an overview of how your social networks are working with your website. You can see how much of your traffic comes from social networks, and which social networks are giving you the most traffic.


tracking traffic with google analytics 1

Below "Overview" is "Network Referrals," which will show you where people are engaging with your content. You can identify the content that is working the best for each social media network. With that information, you can adjust your social media marketing plan to create the type of content that has worked well in the past or discover new ways of getting engagement.

Moving down, the Social Users Flow chart will show you where your social traffic originated, where they went on your site, and how they interacted with your site.

tracking traffic with google analytics

Tracking Conversions

You can also track conversions through mobile traffic on Google Analytics. You can view your conversion goals through various segments, such as all users, mobile traffic, and tablet traffic to see which devices are getting you conversions.

A huge amount of information is available through Google Analytics. Make sure to use the tools available for social and mobile analytics to guide your marketing efforts!

What’s your next step you need to take today for your business in Google Analytics?

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