Top 5 Sites Like Omegle in 2021 (Ordered by popularity)

Top 5 Sites Like Omegle in 2021

Those who know about video chatting sites are mostly aware of and about Omegle Plus. Nonetheless, it has set quality benchmarks for other sites. However, as the process of online video chatting has evolved, many chat sites have emerged in the process alongside Omegle.

It is not an easy task to find a chat site that is not going to rip you off your finances or compromise your system. The google search results will show many options, but it will be one major task for choosing the right one. This article will help you in finding the perfect chat site.

5 Best Chat Sites Like Omegle in 2021 

We are already past half of 2021, and if you are still using conventional ways of interactions, you need to speed up. The below chat sites are best in the business of online chatting (ordered by popularity):

1. Shagle

Shagle is a web-based chatting service. Also, Shagle is much more than a web-based chatting service. The platform of Shagle is known for its impeccability when it comes to random video chats with strangers. You have to try it out to know how efficient and entertaining chats on Shagle are.

Shagle is very user-friendly. You might have your own experience or lack of experience with online chatting sites, but Shagle will feel differently. Below are some other major reasons why you must totally stop your search at Shagle:

Best Interface

Talking of best interfaces, Shagle has constantly improvised on it since it was launched in 2010. Over time, they have always taken into account the user feedback and have made the platform a very friendly one.

Webcam Chats

As the chats on Shagle are webcam-based, the platform does not waste your time. You can and you will be able to chat with people webcam to webcam. Hence, you can be sure that you are chatting your time away with genuine people only.

Considering the online chatting culture, the fake and falsehood in profiles are very prominent. Therefore, you need to be sure that the platform you choose protects your interests as a user. You don’t want to waste your time chatting with an impostor and Shagle supports you in that.

What makes Shagle further special is that you will end up seeing people for who they are. You do not need to have a shallow outlook like dating sites. Shagle is not based on judging people on how good they look on their profile picture or how well their profile is drafted.

You can continue to chat with people if you like them. If you do not like the conversations, you can skip the chats and move on to the next. So, you could be sailing across a sea of webcam chats in a limited time. Shagle gives you the platform to do just that.


Your interests are protected as the user of Shagle. You do not need to worry about leakage of your chats or your personal and private information. Shagle keeps the information requirement bare minimum. Your data and details will never be revealed to the other user.

Chat for Free

There is no fee if you want to use Shagle. You do not need to buy any subscription or pay any sort of hidden fees for the platform. Shagle is free, and so are you on the platform. Without paying a single penny, you could be video chatting your time away with people all around the world.

Skip and Choose

On Shagle, you go by choice, not by chance. Your likeability of a person decides whether you chat with them further or not. And no, there is no paucity of people on Shagle. You will always find someone new to chat with. At the same time, you will not see the people you skip, again.

2. Chatrandom

Chatrandom is an amazing online chatting platform that connects you randomly with people around the globe. As a video chatting platform, it also has a very convenient interface. It is relatively easy to use.

3. Chatki

Chatki is another online chatting platform that allows you to connect with strangers immediately, that too for free. Yes, Chatki does not cost at all. It further ensures that your time spent on the platform is valued.

It further maintains the secrecy of conduct. Neither are your personal details sought as a user nor shared. Hence, you never have to worry about data leakage.

4. Emerald Chat

When you use Emerald Chat, you are using an online chatting platform that is simple and efficient. However, Emerald Chat makes chatting additionally fun. As a user, you will be provided with an Avatar picture and a user name.

Hence, your identity on the platform is hidden. Instead you use the designated name and profile. So, you will get to pretend to be someone else.

5. Chatspin

Chatspin is one of the best functional video chatting sites. It has users based far and wide. As the platform has many users, it is always flooded with people. So, whatever hour of the day or the night it is, you will always find someone on Chatspin.

What makes chatting more effective on Chatspin is how immaculately it is designed. Even a new user can feel completely at ease with this platform. This is the beauty and elegance of this platform.


You need to chat and expand your periphery. Why restrict your socialization to a few kilometers radius only? You can chat with people from all around the world on the platforms mentioned above. They all perform well and efficiently, but Shagle is a personal favorite alternate to Omegle.

You know about Omegle Plus but the sites above are no way any less efficient. They all manage to create a name for themselves in the industry. All are free. So, never stop finding companionship, love, and friendship online!

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