Expert Tips to Evaluate if Your B2B Web Design Needs a Refresh

Expert Tips to Evaluate if Your B2B Web Design Needs a Refresh

Creating and launching a new B2B web design takes a large investment of time, resources, and marketing budget. It’s a good idea to do an assessment of your existing B2B website design to determine if you need a new web design or not.

Typically, if you are wondering if you need a new website design, you do. However, in this article, we share expert tips to help you determine if your company is due for a new B2B web design done by a professional web design company.

Review the Branding

When you aren’t sure where to start with evaluating your B2B web design, take a high-level look at the overall branding of the website. Is the most current logo in use across the website? Are the brand colors current and used according to your brand style guide? Is the imagery and overall tone of the content consistent with your brand and messaging?

Branding tends to evolve and adapt as companies grow and change. In small changes, like a simple logo update, an entire website overhaul is not necessary. But when the logo update is part of a larger branding shift, it’s likely time for a new website design.

Verify Products & Services Are Accurate

Your website is the digital face of your company. It’s often the first interaction a potential client has with your company. For this reason, all the products and services listed on your B2B website design must be accurate, or you risk ruining your credibility with a prospect.

Take a close look at the products and services listed on your website. Go through each service offering or product description, checking for accuracy. Has your suite of services shifted? Are you no longer offering certain services? Have you retired certain product lines?

For many companies, the profitability or demand for certain products or services changes over time which correlates to a shift in how they are represented by sales and marketing. If your website isn’t representing the right mix of products and services or isn’t correctly showcasing what your company offers, it’s time for a new B2B web design and navigation update.

Check All Links, Forms, Buttons on Main Pages

This is an opportunity to make sure things are working properly on your B2B website. Over time, as things change or website pages are retired, links can be broken, form plugins may require updates or changes, and buttons might break if code is not regularly updated.

Go through your website and check all is working by clicking on all links to be sure you don’t encounter any 404s. Test out all forms by submitting a test submission. Check to see what page or message a prospect gets when they fill out a form – is it providing the ideal client experience? Also, be sure to click on all buttons to ensure they are displaying properly, linking to the right resources/pages, and functioning. It’s also a good opportunity to review images, videos, plugins and ensure everything is displaying/working as expected.

It’s common for issues to crop up on a website, but if it’s looking like more things are broken than not broken, it’s likely time for a B2B web design or more specifically a web redesign. Request a web design review by Rebel Websites to help you find these issues and build a new website.

Evaluate Website Leads from Past Six Months

Improving lead generation is a major objective for most B2B website redesigns. In order to work on improving leads generated by your website, you need a clear picture of the types of leads currently being generated. We suggest pulling all website leads from the past 3 to 6 months (depending on how many you generate each month) and reviewing them with your sales team or by looking them up in your sales database.

Make notes on each lead including whether it was a qualified lead, went to a proposal/quote state, if it was won/lost/closed, and the dollar amount of the quote/deal. If you have Google Analytics or lead tracking software, take a look at the last touch attribution for each lead. Was it a Google Organic Search lead, a Referral, a lead from a Google Ad, etc. This takes a bit of work to complete but can give you an accurate read on the types and quality of leads your website is generating. It also gives insight into the sales process for handling inbound website leads.

If the leads are lackluster or are quality but not enough volume, a website redesign will often help to improve lead generation.

Is It Time for a B2B Website Refresh?

Depending on your industry and your business goals, a website refresh may be needed every 3-4 years. A B2B website redesign does take time, but it’s crucial to have a polished, digital representation of your brand that accurately represents your products and services. A current web design is no longer a need to have in 2022, it’s a must-have to be successful.

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