6 Tips for Any Business Going Remote

6 Tips for Any Business Going Remote

The COVID-9 pandemic forced many businesses to adapt to a digital workplace and remote workforce. The creation of SaaS and other digital business solutions has made it easier than ever for businesses to adopt technology and go remote. Here are six tips for any company considering remote work in 2022.  

Build an Effective Online Store

A significant part of your company’s digital business transformation is creating an efficient and user-friendly online website and store. A service like Grammarly for businesses can ensure effective communication by improving text and fixing grammar errors. If your customers cannot navigate your website easily, you may be losing tons of business. Online store builders, dedicated server solutions, and eCommerce platforms offer user-friendly tools to help you build your website or improve your existing online store.

Support your Employee Work-Life Balance

As your business turns to remote solutions, you will most likely rely upon a remote workforce. A new study on the rise of digital entrepreneurship by Adobe Acrobat reports, “More than 3 in 4 adults would rather apply for jobs that offer remote work options.” Working from home can improve the productivity of your employees and offer them more time to focus on their personal interests. Building a strong remote team is integral for your successful digital transformation. Encourage a healthy work-life balance by maintaining regular video calls with employees individually to check in and offer your support.

Utilize Collaborative Tools

Collaborative tools such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and document management software are vital in supporting your remote workforce. Automation tools can streamline workflows, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your workforce. Organizational and logistical tools such as task management apps can support large remote teams and keep projects on track. Managing a remote workforce is easy and intuitive with collaborative tools you can run from a smartphone or laptop.

Use Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies

The pandemic caused a mobile eCommerce boom as more consumers shopped through their smartphones than ever before. Digital entrepreneurs who creatively utilized social media apps such as Instagram and TikTok could see tremendous and rapid growth in sales and site visits due to going viral. Marketers now have more direct access to consumers than ever before using these platforms and engagement strategies. Digital marketing is going to be key to your online business success.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a crucial aspect of any successful digital marketing plan. Target your content using competitive industry keywords to rank your website higher on Google. Creating diverse and unique content is a great way to increase traffic and reach a broader audience on social networks. Use site analysis tools to see how your webpages are ranking for users and where you can improve your backlink portfolio. Strong SEO is key to reaching the consumers most likely to purchase your product or service. When adapting to a digital business model, be sure to revamp your SEO efforts to stay competitive.

Make Sure You’re Mobile Friendly

Adobe reports, “In 2020, mobile e-commerce sales alone are estimated to reach beyond $432 billion. This is up from $148 billion in 2018.” Smartphones are becoming the number one way to shop online, which means your website needs to be mobile-friendly. If your site isn’t user-friendly when converted to a mobile display, you may be losing out on a ton of business.

Whether you’re taking your existing business online or starting a new online store, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest digital business trends and tech. Start your digital business transformation today. 


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