The Ultimate Guide: Things To Know Before Joining Bazaars

Know Before Joining Bazaars

Bazaar is one of the marketing strategies that are very useful to utilize in order to raise purchase amount or brand awareness among customers. Bazaars are usually held at certain locations. The event organizers will provide a booth, a place where the brand can showcase and market its product to the customers.

By participating in the bazaar, you will get lots of benefits. The first and foremost is definitely being able to bring in consumers. For business owners whose businesses are already running, the bazaar can be used as a means of promotion. But for an unknown brand, a bazaar can also be used as a means to learn about doing business and to test the market. To see whether the product they are offering is suitable to be presented to the public or not.

Whatever the case is, you need to ensure that the bazaar is run smoothly by paying attention to these certain things before opening a booth!

Is the bazaar concept suitable for your brand?

Usually, each bazaar has a certain concept. For example, there are food bazaars, antique goods bazaars, retail bazaars, and so on. Thus, before you open a booth, make sure that the products you are selling are suitable for the bazaar concept.

Make sure the exact location of the bazaar

Bazaars can be held anywhere, whether at schools, malls, conferences, music events, and many others. You should pay attention to where the bazaar is held. Afterward, think through whether your product will be able to draw the attention of the market around the area or not.

Location is essential in determining whether the target market that comes is able to become your potential customer in the future, or will they just come to have a look and leave without purchasing anything because your booth doesn't match the customer segment.

Know who is the organizer

The event organizer is the team that usually organizes the bazaar. You need to find out whether the event organizer is truly an expert in their field to hold a bazaar or they just joined in order to make a profit but with very limited experience. Usually a well-known organizer will charge higher in terms of booth price.

Is the price within your budget?

Joining a bazaar will require you to pay a certain amount of money in order to open a booth. Each bazaar will have different prices due to the different organizers who held them. Thus, you should prepare a budget before joining the bazaar. Knowing firsthand how much you should pay can help to determine whether the cost is still under your budget or not.

Usually, the bazaar which is held at the end of the year will be much more expensive than the usual bazaar. This is because the organizer predicted that it will draw in more customers than usual. Thus, you should refer to the first and second points that we have mentioned above. Determine whether the bazaar will draw in the right customers for you or not. You definitely do not want to pay for a bazaar to get nothing in return.

Decorate your booth

The decoration is very important in attracting visitors to visit your booth. Provide banners and flyers of your brand, thus customers can easily identify you among the other booths. You also have to be good at displaying the products you sell. Choose your best-selling products to be displayed upfront.

Don't forget to pay attention to the aesthetics of your booth. If you have a bigger booth size, you can create a special place for your customers to take a photo, thus they can share it on their social media. People will be more willing to post something on their social media accounts if the place that they visit is pleasing to the eye.

Provide the best service

Maintaining the stand in a professional but warm and friendly manner to all customers is a must. Draw in customers with a smile, and welcoming gestures. After you successfully draw them to your booth, ensure you showcase the best products you have to them. Always provide sufficient information whenever they ask about something, no need to overdo it, or even act too pushy. Let customers take their time to see around the area.

When maintaining a booth, you also have to be very clever in attracting your potential customers. If you open a booth at the daytime event, you can draw in customers by giving greetings and handing out a water bottle for free to the visitors who pass around your stand. Usually, during sports events or music festivals, customers will need water to sustain themselves. Thus when you hand out water for free, they will definitely be attracted to your booth. This will increase the visibility of your stand.

Though the first reason they come is to get the water, if you present your booth in an ultimate manner, they can eventually draw into your products. You can purchase an affordable water bottle at wholesale price at Guarantee you don't have to make a big investment on this, but the after-effect is definitely great!

Here is the complete guide that you can follow prior to joining a bazaar. Keep in mind that the purpose of participating in the bazaar is to introduce your products and raise brand awareness, not solely to pursue sales targets. Bazaar is just one effective marketing strategy to grow your brands and business as a whole!

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