The Best E-Commerce Home Page Features To Boost Conversions

The Best E-Commerce Home Page Features To Boost Conversions

First impressions are paramount in the online world. The time it takes for someone to form an opinion when online shopping is mere seconds. Because of this, businesses — whether they’re brick-and-mortar or strictly virtual — must make their website’s home page as appealing as possible. Keep these e-commerce home page features in mind as you create your online store.


One important consideration for an appealing home page is speed. If an e-commerce site takes too long to load, odds are visitors will move on well before they’ve had a chance to see the product. In fact, the rate of conversions can be reduced by 7% from a delay of just 100 milliseconds. To avoid negative impacts like this and increase the likelihood of converting, lightning-fast speeds are essential, especially on mobile.


Another crucial feature is an easy-to-use navigational structure. Shoppers need to understand how to get around quickly and travel to other site pages without any hassle. Otherwise, they are more likely to abandon a site and less likely to visit again. As such, the homepage navigation design must be straightforward. In this main menu setup, we recommend you include a search bar with autofill, intuitive product categories, and SEO keywords. These elements improve the user experience and help optimize the site as a whole.

About Information

Lastly, no home page would be complete without key information about the organization. From the logo and branding elements at the top to social media links in the footer, these bits of data are vital for a cohesive user experience. Additional information that you ought to include is a shopping cart and customer login link. Not to mention a privacy policy and link to customer service.

Crafting a well-designed website requires a healthy measure of creativity while abiding by industry best practices. For further examples of conversion-boosting home page features and SEO best practices, check out the accompanying resource.

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Author bio: Aaron Wittersheim is Chief Operating Officer at Straight North, a Chicago SEO and web design company. He has helped startups, middle-market firms, and Fortune 500 companies improve organizational structure and grow through his expertise in process conception, task automation, and internal project management.

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