Social Warfare, Social Media Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Integrate your social media accounts with your WordPress site to make it easy to promote your website on social media. Social Warfare, the social media sharing plugin, allows you to add customizable sharing buttons to your site. We highly recommend it and here’s why.


Emotional Intelligence Factors for Contagious Content

Emotional intelligence is about reaching people through your digital marketing to engage their interest, connect with them, and prompt them to act. Use these emotional intelligence factors to create effective compelling content that resonates with your audience. Image Maker image maker streamlines the process of creating images. It includes lots of user-friendly features that allow you to quickly create the digital assets you need to support your social media marketing efforts.

Pinterest Marketing_ A Case Study-315

Pinterest Marketing: A Case Study

Pinterest made its debut as a photo-sharing website in 2010. It’s an amazing platform to use for marketing, especially when your product or services are visual. Does Pinterest marketing work?  I say it can for the right businesses! Here’s my “go to” Pinterest Marketing steps. 1. Set up a Pinterest business account Pinterest is free […]

's Audience Network Ads-600

What are Facebook’s Audience Network Ads

If you’re implementing a social media strategy for your business, Facebook advertising must be a part of it. It’s demographic targeting, and price points make it very attractive for a lot of businesses. It’s much cheaper than traditional advertising, and it gets your business in front of more people than organic Facebook marketing does. There […]

What is Planoly for Instagram-315(1)

What is Planoly for Instagram?

If you produce or sell products with visual appeal, Instagram may be the unsung hero of your future marketing efforts. Instagram marketing isn’t as well publicized as its older social media cousins, but it offers great results when done correctly. It’s all about planning, concept, and consistency, and that’s kind of tough on any platform. […] for Photo and Video Animations for Photo and Video Animations

Snapchat has enjoyed its reign among youth and young adults, but it’s got to look out for strong competitors like Instagram and other upstarts like Lumyer. Compatible with both iOS and Android, Lumyer offers a comprehensive set of high-resolution effects that go beyond dog ears or flower crowns. Its aim is to augment reality by […]

Landscape by Sprout Social- Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

Landscape by Sprout Social: Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

74% of marketers include visuals on social media. On Twitter, posts with images get 150% more retweets! With the emphasis on visuals in social media, creating visual content is a priority. There is an ideal image size for each social media platform. For the top platforms, the ideal image sizes for profile photos are: Facebook […]

Social Media and Facebook Updates for week ending 615

Recent Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Social Media Updates to 6/15

Social Media platforms do not remain static. They shift and evolve and as a marketer, it’s important to keep up. Here are recent changes I cover from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook social media updates that have happened in the past two weeks! Stay abreast, sign-up for my weekly email updates! Twitter Twitter Now Filters DMs […]

What is Facebook Messenger Day and How Do You Use it for Business-315

What is Facebook Messenger Day and How Do You Use it for Business

In its quest to be the one-stop shop for social media, Facebook recently launched another tool called Messenger Day.  Even though Messenger Day does bear many similarities to Snapchat Stories, it has unique features worth exploring that position it as a potential Snapchat rival. It’s worth noting that Messenger has 1.2 billion active users since […]