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Emotional Intelligence Factors for Contagious Content

Emotional-Intelligence-Factors-for-Contagious-Content-315If you’re responsible for your company’s digital marketing strategy, it’s critical that you grasp not only what emotional intelligence is, but also how it can make your promotional initiatives more impactful. Emotional intelligence is about reaching people through social media and Google search, engaging their interest, connecting with them, and prompting them to act. When done properly, it can be the difference between going viral and attracting little, if any, interest.

It will help if your company employs people who themselves have emotional intelligence, a quality that manifests itself in characteristics such as curiosity and empathy. This is critical because people with emotional intelligence have a good feel for how people respond to the situations they encounter. They also tend to be skilled decision-makers as it relates to creative marketing campaigns, content marketing, and other online marketing efforts.

What follows is a look at important emotional intelligence factors for contagious content — so that you can create more effective, compelling content that will resonate with your audience.


This factor relates to content that provokes an emotional response from your audience. An example would be a human-interest story involving a vicious hurricane that decimates a town, damages homes, and leaves thousands or tens of thousands of people homeless. Another example would be content that offers motivational tips that resonate with your audience. When it comes to your digital marketing, you want to trigger an emotional response. You can do this via human-interest and motivational content that ties into your business focus.


Social Currency

This one is largely about appearances since, when done well, it will make your company look good. What does this mean for your digital marketing efforts? It means sharing content. For instance, an authoritative article on an important topic, that you’re confident will greatly interest people in your sector. Sharing relevant, current, and must-read content from thought leaders, your company will benefit. As a result, gain a reputation as an organization whose shares bring value.


People tend to relate to stories…that is, stories that are told in a compelling way. For example, your digital marketing campaign might include covering a topic that wouldn’t usually attract a wide audience. Try to whet appetites by kicking things off with an attention-grabbing story. Thus, drawing people in and keeping them engaged.

Practical Use

In order to use this emotional intelligence factor, you have to ask yourself how your content will benefit people. Once you’ve determined this, decide whether to present the content in the form of exhaustive studies, video tutorials, or even how-to guides. Figure out your target demographic, mull over what you want to tell them, and choose the best medium for this.


This emotional intelligence factor relates to how you safeguard your brand and your public perception. In other words, ensure that your content steers clear of a controversial or confrontational tone that can drive away your audience or leave them with a negative perception of your company. While there’s room for taking a stand, it’s best to leave politics out of your digital marketing strategy.

You’ll get more out of your digital marketing strategy if you understand emotional intelligence and how you can harness it to get your audience to respond favorably. As you consider the aforementioned emotional intelligence factors, determine how you can use them to further your online marketing objectives.


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GetStencil.com Image Maker

GetStencil.com-Image-Maker-315Visual content is an important part of driving social media engagement, but waiting around for a graphic design team to produce images for each status update is inefficient and frustrating. GetStencil.com Image Maker streamlines this process with lots of user-friendly features that allow non-graphic designers to quickly make the digital assets they need to support their social media marketing efforts.

Free Stock Photography and Illustrations

Stencil offers more than 1.4 million photos to act as your social media image backgrounds, as well as 1 million icons and other illustrations. It eliminates the time you would spend chasing the perfect image to go with your status update. You just have to search within the platform itself.

If you already have icons and other visual content you’d like to use, upload them to the Stencil platform. Combining your own image with Stencil’s images and features is a great way to minimize content creation time.


Sometimes you just need a helping hand. Stencil has more than 650 templates to fit everyday marketing needs on social networks. Select the perfect template. Fill in the details to customize it for your small business. Then you’re ready to post it.

Google Fonts

Fonts come in all shapes and sizes. Trying to choose the best one when you don’t specialize in typography is a tough job. GetStencil.com has 2,000+ Google Fonts integrated into the platform to make this process easier on you. If your brand has its own font, upload these to use them in all of the visual content you make on Stencil.

Multiple Sizes

Each social network for image sizing, and image sizes vary considerably between platforms. Stencil has 38 optimized sizes, so you have the perfect image for the social media sites you want to use, nor do you have to redo your work because you picked the wrong dimensions.

Chrome Extension

When you see the perfect opportunity to make a social media visual, use the Stencil Chrome browser extension to bring it to life. It gives you the chance to react quickly to timely topics.

GetStencil.com is the perfect graphics design platform for people without graphic design skills. You get a user-friendly feature set that guides you through the social media content creation process and streamlines all of the steps so you can quickly post your updates.


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Pinterest Marketing: A Case Study

Pinterest Marketing_ A Case Study-315Pinterest made its debut as a photo-sharing website in 2010. It’s an amazing platform to use for marketing, especially when your product or services are visual. Does Pinterest marketing work?  I say it can for the right businesses! Here’s my “go to” Pinterest Marketing steps.

1. Set up a Pinterest business account

Pinterest is free to use. If your intention is to market your business on Pinterest, you should have a business account.  Business accounts have access to tools not available to individuals. Current users who switch to a business account can keep all existing followers and data.

2. Create at least 10 boards with at least 10 pins each

To be successful at marketing on Pinterest or any other platform, you must understand your customers.  On Pinterest, like all digital platforms, you demonstrate your expertise by creating content your audience values.  Create at least 10 boards with at least 10 pins each to start. Feature your own content and curate content from boards with a similar target audience.

3. Create “Pinnable” images for your best content

To best leverage your marketing, use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, blog, YouTube channel or anyplace else.  Since Pinterest is a visual platform, all content should be presented with an attractive image.  To best take advantage of the images, they should include text that describes the linked content.

4. Create a “Best of Your Blog” board and make it the first board on your page.

One of the best ways to use Pinterest is to drive traffic to your website.  A “Best of Your Site” board can be an effective tool for this purpose.  The beautiful and descriptive images created in the previous step are perfect for this.  For best results, upload these images at the maximum resolution.

5. Identify Group Boards

Gathering a large number of followers takes time.  Rather than waiting, leverage existing Group Boards that already have a large number of followers.  A Pinterest Group Board search engine like  PinGroupie will help you find large group boards by category.  Only join boards where your content is appropriate.

6. Add Pins with New Content

Use Pinterest to highlight new content on your website, videos and other platforms.  All content should be linked with an attractive image and interesting text that clearly explains what your content is about.  This will give you a steady stream of traffic back to your website.

7. Maintenance and Optimization

Pinterest marketing is a long-term game.  Don’t expect success overnight, and not every link will be popular.  For maximum impact, reevaluate your existing content periodically.  Replace the less popular content with new content or refresh the images on older content.  This gives you the best opportunity to attract traffic.

All marketing is about building relationships with your potential customers.  Like other social media platforms, Pinterest can be an effective tool to accomplish this task.

I advised Hackerette.com, a travel blogger, on her Pinterest marketing. This is the strategy I recommended for her to showcase her travels with images of her in different destinations. There’s a personalization and authenticity through this pinning. She built trust and showcased her travel knowledge at the same time.

In her first month using these techniques, her Pinterest visitors were up 46% and sessions were up a whopping 48%.

The third month Pinterest showed a 260% improvement in sending traffic to her website. Pinterest daily pin impressions were up 873% and daily pin viewer average was up 484%. Monthly viewers were up 33% and monthly engaged viewers were up 110%.

One of the things you must keep in mind is to have a strategy to Pinterest traffic to your website before you grow your account. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to grow your Pinterest account and putting together a new course or product.

Need help with your social media strategy? Contact me … I can help.


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What are Facebook’s Audience Network Ads

's Audience Network Ads-600

If you’re implementing a social media strategy for your business, Facebook advertising must be a part of it. It’s demographic targeting, and price points make it very attractive for a lot of businesses. It’s much cheaper than traditional advertising, and it gets your business in front of more people than organic Facebook marketing does.

There are many different ads you can create using Facebook advertising, but one of the most unique is advertising on Facebook Audience Network.

What is Facebook Audience Network?

This is how Facebook allows its advertisers to advertise off of the platform with the exact same targeting it offers on the platform. This can be remarkable for advertisers. Websites who want to generate revenue by being a part of the network, and of course, for Facebook who now has, even more, ways to offer to advertise.

There are 3 types of visual ads your business can place. A banner that shows up at the bottom of the screen. A native that appears in an article. An interstitial which takes up the full page above or below the article. You can also place Audience Network video ads that will appear throughout a video stream.

Why does Facebook Audience Network matter?

Many marketers have worried that Facebook’s news feed and in-platform advertising spaces would eventually become too saturated to be effective, or for the platform to continue to make money. Facebook’s new Audience Network allows Facebook to display their ads on external sites much like Google’s Display Network.

This is very important for Facebook, businesses, and marketers alike. They’re able to keep the same price point or cheaper sometimes on Audience Network ads. Therefore, making them that much more appealing.

Why are these ads so powerful?

This advertising can bring your cost per click down drastically. In fact, if you choose to opt out of the Audience Network Placement while placing your ad, Facebook will warn you that doing so might increase your overall cost per conversion. With more availability comes lower ad costs, and that’s a powerful thing.

Not only that, but you’re able to reach even more people. Even people who might not be regularly using Facebook or viewing the ads on Facebook. With Facebook’s incredible targeting data and demographic insights.

Facebook advertising should be an essential piece of your digital marketing strategy. If you have a limited advertising budget, test out social ads on Facebook’s Audience Network.


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What is Planoly for Instagram?

What is Planoly for Instagram-315(1)If you produce or sell products with visual appeal, Instagram may be the unsung hero of your future marketing efforts.

Instagram marketing isn’t as well publicized as its older social media cousins, but it offers great results when done correctly. It’s all about planning, concept, and consistency, and that’s kind of tough on any platform. Enter Planoly.

What Is Planoly?

Planoly is a visual planning tool that allows Instagram users to create calendars to plan their content, curate the content of others, schedule posts, analyze engagements and even grow an Instagram team.

Why Does Planoly Make Sense?

We think Planoly is pure genius! Primarily because Instagram is a visual platform, so it makes sense to plan and execute your campaigns visually.

Anyone who uses social media for marketing will tell you it can be time-consuming to stay on top of comments, responses, posting schedules and more. Having a single interface where you can see and take action makes it a whole lot easier to stay on top of things, and maintain consistency.

Like other tools that work with Instagram, it doesn’t auto post on your behalf (Instagram does not allow this). But it does send you reminder notifications when your posts need to be published within your smartphone.

What Does It Cost?

Planoly has a free forever plan that allows you to manage one account, upload 30 images, and have limited access to other features. It’s a great way to see if this is the right solution for you, without an investment.

Since fully fledged plans start at just $7 per month, this investment won’t break your budget if you do decide to “go pro” with Planoly.

Is It for You?

We think that Planoly is a great tool for anyone who uses Instagram for social media marketing. Anything that can help you to maintain a consistent presence on any social media platform is a huge benefit. Since it’s free to try, there’s nothing to lose!


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Lumyer.com for Photo and Video Animations

Lumyer.com for Photo and Video AnimationsSnapchat has enjoyed its reign among youth and young adults, but it’s got to look out for strong competitors like Instagram and other upstarts like Lumyer. Compatible with both iOS and Android, Lumyer offers a comprehensive set of high-resolution effects that go beyond dog ears or flower crowns.

Its aim is to augment reality by animating photos, enhancing videos, and enabling quick sharing. You have access to lots of editing tools to customize visual content. While not a social network like Snapchat or Instagram, it’s a photo enhancing tool with lots of power!

Using Lumyer to create what they call a “Lumy” is straightforward enough. Shoot a photo or video while using the app or choose one from your camera roll. Next, add up to 2 effects and make further modifications to size and position.

Not enough? Throw in filters to achieve the aesthetic you’re looking for. Then share your creation across multiple social media platforms within seconds.

What makes Lumyer different?

Animate a selfie on Lumyer. Take a photo, add effects to make it move, and save it as a GIF file. For other apps – like Snapchat – a video is the only option for moving selfies. But videos take up more storage space and consume more data. Also, the result is different from a clip and a GIF.

For example, you want a selfie where only your hair’s blowing in the wind while all other parts of the image are still, it’s easier to start with a photo and add dynamic elements, compared to standing immobile for several seconds in front of a blowing fan while the camera takes pics.

Take note: if you want videos, choose a filter beforehand, so it’s automatically applied to your clip once you start shooting.

The effects you add to a Lumy range from natural to fantastical. Some effects look realistic while others look completely out there. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s an effect that matches it.

Of course, selfies are meant to be shared, so a sharing option is included in Lumyer. With other apps, you can only post on the network. So if you want to post on several different social media accounts, you’ll have to download your selfies first. It’s not super intuitive but doable. With Lumyer, you can instantly post your selfies on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. This makes Lumyer, as noted, more of an editing app than a social media app. That’s great news because it means you can choose a wider audience for your creativity.

How is Lumyer good for business?

So far, we’ve mentioned only selfies, making it sound like Lumyer is meant exclusively for personal use. But there’s more to Lumyer. As an editing app, it can handle photos of any kind. So you can jazz up posters, banners, and other kinds of visual marketing collateral. You don’t have to hire graphic designers with specialized skills in animation anymore – not when you can do it yourself.

Have you downloaded and tried Lumyer yet? If not, get it for free from the App Store and Google Play. In-app purchases are possible if you want access to more effects and filters, but for now, you can experiment to see if it serves your business needs.





Landscape by Sprout Social: Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

Landscape by Sprout Social- Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

74% of marketers include visuals on social media. On Twitter, posts with images get 150% more retweets! With the emphasis on visuals in social media, creating visual content is a priority.

There is an ideal image size for each social media platform. For the top platforms, the ideal image sizes for profile photos are:

  • Facebook – 180 x 180
  • Twitter – 400 x 400
  • Instagram – 110 x 110

Why would the dimensions of a profile photo be important? Profile photos are typically the first glimpse a visitor has into your brand. On most platforms, the profile picture is shown with your comments, and posts. Such high visibility means that your image needs to be high quality, well-positioned, and cropped properly.

When creating visual content, editing photos to meet these ideal images sizes can be difficult when you’re marketing across several platforms with varying image standards. Cropping and editing images can be time-consuming and take the valuable time marketers could use to interact with their audience.

Sprout Social’s Landscape is a great tool for cropping and resizing photos for social media.

Landscape’s highlights

  1. It’s free!
  2. It is simple to use.
  3. And it’s quick.

Landscape has been designed to perform 1 task well, image resizing for social media, and it works for multiple platforms.

How to use Landscape

To crop an image, you do the following steps:

  1. Upload the image you want to resize.
  2. Select the social network it’s meant for.
  3. Crop it.

Landscape gives you plenty of options for the images you want to resize. After uploading your image, you can pick multiple social media networks to resize for. You’re also able to choose what kind of picture you are resizing. Cover photos, profile pics, and graphics are all supported. You can set custom sizes for images.

When it’s finally time to crop the image, Landscape autocrops for you. You also have the option of positioning the frame to the dimensions you choose. Once settings have been applied, networks chosen, and images cropped, you can go back and change settings or download the picture. The images are rapidly resized, and your images are delivered in a nice .zip folder.

Although Landscape is a relatively simple, focused tool, it’s incredibly useful.

Go further with Landscape

  • Keep visuals consistent across multiple platforms
  • Resize and edit stock photos
  • Create visuals with ideal sizes to be placed on blogs for easier social sharing

The next time you need to edit your images, keep Landscape by Social Sprout in mind for easy resizing. Spend less time cropping and more time marketing.


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Recent Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Social Media Updates to 6/15

Social Media and Facebook Updates for week ending 615

Social Media platforms do not remain static. They shift and evolve and as a marketer, it’s important to keep up. Here are recent changes I cover from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook social media updates that have happened in the past two weeks!

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Twitter Now Filters DMs From People You Don’t Know

Now your Twitter direct message inbox is more like text messages on your phone.  Messages from people you know and follow will go into your inbox. Messages from people you don’t follow will go into the requests area.


It’s a nice addition to make Twitter’s interface for user-friendly.  It’s taken them far too long to get to this but it’s a nice move to help us.


Add a post, not just photos to Facebook albums

Now you can add videos, check-ins and text posts to albums. Show off your favorite collection in a “featured” album. Or follow your friend’s album to get notified when they’re updated. Create a collaborative album and easily add contributors.


Run an event? Add an Album for the event and let your volunteers post pics and text testimonials from the attendees. This way you’ll have a wealth of info for next years event.  It’s a valuable way to capture and retain more types of content per album.  Another move by Facebook to make things “sticky” so we keep coming back!

As a side note … Facebook Messenger emoji’s have been used 2 Billion times in their first 2 months in the app! Now that’s a success!

Facebook’s AI now assists in Spanish

Facebook Messenger’s artificial intelligence assistant “M” will make recommendations in Spanish if it detects Spanish as the user’s language of choice. This new feature scans the words and intent of a message, then give suggestions for Messenger’s many features, like emoji’s or payment buttons. This feature is available for US users with their language set to Spanish and in Mexico.


Since most of the world doesn’t use English as their native language Facebook added a translation capability to their news feed. Spanish is the language with the second most native speakers after Chinese so it’s only natural that Facebook would add Spanish capabilities.  It’s just another big bonus from Facebook to “make the world a more connected place” and it shows they are not sitting still but helping marketers….remember when they help marketers they help themselves though as well because we are the ones that create ads and use AI!


Instagram Connects to Facebook Messenger

This button will redirect users to Facebook Messenger to interact with potential customers. This lets account holders to use Messenger Bots to improve the customer experience.


This is BIG!

Since most people have a Facebook Messenger mobile app it’s now seamless and easy to interact with potential customers whether they’re on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook Messenger also accepts payments between friends and for gaming and eCommerce. It just a small jump to selling from Instagram.  This is a huge cross-platform leap, enabling seamless movement from one social media network, Instagram, to Facebook’s Messenger.  This is the start of more to come!

Hide your Instagram photos indefinitely with the archive feature

Now everyone can hide photos on Instagram thanks to the new archive feature. The photo has to be published, at least for 1 second and then you can archive it.


Hide photos that didn’t get much traction or hide photos of the ex. Use this feature as a way to store photos for the future.


Google’s smart keyboard app, Gboard adds phrase suggestions and draw-an-emoji

While this isn’t a social media network update per say, Gboard does make posting to your social media network a little bit easier.


It’s just cool! And makes texting and posting from your smartphone quicker and easier. It’s my all time favorite keyboard with the ability to swipe to spell a word and built in gifs.

That’s a bit of the key news and tidbits that have happened recently.

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What is Facebook Messenger Day and How Do You Use it for Business

What is Facebook Messenger Day and How Do You Use it for Business-315In its quest to be the one-stop shop for social media, Facebook recently launched another tool called Messenger Day.  Even though Messenger Day does bear many similarities to Snapchat Stories, it has unique features worth exploring that position it as a potential Snapchat rival.

It’s worth noting that Messenger has 1.2 billion active users since it is from Facebook’s existing Messenger platform while Snapchat only has around 301 million users. For a business, Messenger Day may prove to be a more helpful tool for many companies than Snapchat Stories.

What’s in Messenger Day?

Messenger Day is integrated into Messenger, so if you’re already using Messenger, just update the app on your mobile device to get this new feature.

In Messenger, you can use clips or images from a chat, or shoot a new video or photo, and post them to your Day. You can jazz up your Day by adding filters, doodles, and other special effects. But, like Snapchat stories, anything you add to your Day will be viewable for only 24 hours.

How can Messenger Day be used for business?

Behind the Scenes

Using Facebook Live on your business page is a good way to cover a relevant event as it happens. But for exclusive sneak peeks of what’s happening behind the scenes, it’s better to use Messenger Day on your personal account. This move not only attaches a face to your business (making it more relatable), but it also encourages people in your network to check out your business if they still haven’t.

It grows your potential client base because you’re pulling in folks from different avenues, and avenues that already know you.

Calls to Action

Among the many filters available to use on Messenger Day are superimposed texts like “Who’s up for …” When used personally, these filters work as simple invitations. But for businesses, these can work as powerful calls to action.

For example, if you own an online retail store, you can use “Who’s up for …” to ask people to check out a sale. You can say something like, “Who’s up for a good deal? Visit us now and get 70% off. Offer good until this post lasts.” Make announcements more engaging and fun this way.

Employee-curated Content

Since businesses aren’t allowed to have Messenger Day…yet, you can leverage this new feature through your personal account and have employees do this through their accounts. If several of your staff members all make a business-related Messenger Day post, you can curate these posts and present them in one clip on your business page. This humanizes your brand. On the internet, people are more inclined to trust a brand with a face.

It’s still too early to tell whether Messenger Day can topple Snapchat Stories. But given the bigger user base of Messenger, it would be a smart bet. The last thing you want is for Messenger Day to take off while your business is left behind snapping!

For now, have fun experimenting with Messenger Day. It may not be long before Facebook rolls it out for businesses so get ready!
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Recent Facebook Updates as of May 18, 2017

Facebook and Social Media Updates for week ending 518

New Group Features for Facebook!!!!

Before people join your group, make sure they’re the right fit

Woo Hoo, now you can make sure the people who join your group are the right fit for your group. Facebook now gives admins the ability to ask people requesting group membership 3 questions.


If you’re using a group to generate leads for your products and services you can ask questions to better qualify your group members as actual leads.

Pages connecting to Groups

This is in the beta stage, so functionality is limited … Facebook is now allowing pages to post in groups as pages.  Pages are being prompted to tie a Group to their page at this time in a rollout.


This is awesome if you use a Page and a Group in your marketing plan. Instead of posting in your group as yourself (personal profile) and pushing all your connections to your personal profile you can now post as your Facebook Page and have your connections go to the place that best suits your purposes.

Facebook Messenger Day

Quick Reactions

Facebook has added one touch reactions and emojis to Messenger Day to encourage participation and engagement with content on the platform.

Promoting Custom Frames

Running a special event? Create a special frame just for your event. Now Facebook promotes your custom frame so your attendees use them and promote your event for you. Custom frames is a direct competitor for SnapChat geo filters.


Using Facebook Messenger for marketing is just in its infancy. I can see the possibilities for using Facebook Messenger Day at events and conventions. Quick replies and custom frames are both perfect for event marketing. When time is tight running from workshop to workshop a 1 click emoji or quick reply may make all the difference in your attendee’s engagement. Custom frames can be used by your attendees to spark outside interest in your event.

Facebook Introduces Offline Conversion Optimization to Lead Ads

Want to find out how many people that click on your Facebook ads actually purchase from you? Facebook has created an Offline Conversion solution. It’s a patch between your Facebook ads and CRM.


Now you can track someone through the sales cycle and map their purchase back to specific lead ads and campaigns. The ability to track sales and leads directly to social media marketing efforts is the next step in confirming the ROI of social media marketing.

Overall these are good moves that help the Facebook Marketer!  Are you using any of these now?