Should Startups Focus on a Website or Mobile App

should startups focus on a website or mobile app

Whether you’re browsing from a phone or desktop computer, we live in an increasingly online world today. Many businesses know that most of us carry around a smartphone, which is why you see startups putting all of their initial resources into a killer mobile app. Believe it or not, this isn’t always the right route to take for everyone. 

App development for startups can be a tricky task to take on, especially when you’re deciding between focusing on mobile or shifting emphasis to a traditional website. Depending on the product or service you’re selling, each experience has its advantages for a new company. While many businesses decide to tackle both, it’s important for startups to really nail one platform from the very beginning of their business. 

So, should startups focus on a website or mobile app? Here are some of the top things to consider for your startup when deciding where to begin.

How Startup Goals Impact Website and Mobile App Development

It’s far too simple to say that every startup has the goal of making money and growing into the next big thing. Deciding on what digital customer experience you want to focus on first can really come down to specifying what you want out of the initial phase of your business.

Sometimes, a good way to approach this is to consider what your MVP is. MVP, or minimum viable product, is a representation in the simplest form of what you’re selling. If you’re an ecommerce clothing brand, then that’s not even an actual shirt. The MVP would simply be the mockup of the design of the shirt. Think of it as the core reason why someone would either want to purchase or invest in your product.

Defining your MVP can help clarify what your goal as a startup is. When you break things down to their simplest terms, you’re able to identify what your product or service is aiming to accomplish. From here, it’s often easier to decipher whether or not an app or website will aid in the completion of this goal. Of course, don’t just rely on your insights; user feedback is a must as well and can help you decide where to start in the digital world.

User Feedback Can Help Simplify Where to Focus Resources

Depending on the product or service your startup specializes in, a website or mobile app could help users interact and purchase things from your business. That said, you can predict what users want all day long but the best way to find out what they want is to get their feedback.

Startups who define an MVP can take that simplified version of what they’re selling straight to the consumer. Thanks to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can present ideas to the public and see what they have to say.  It’s one of the best facets of the social media age, but also one of the most problematic if you don’t approach user feedback strategically. 

Some of the best ways to get user feedback can warrant feedback from people who might not actually ever become customers. Targeting specific audiences for feedback can help get meaningful insights into the most likely consumers of what you’re planning to sell. A great way to target your potential core audience is to use hashtags online. 

Attaching hashtags to things like surveys or feedback boxes can really give audiences the chance to tell you directly what they think about your product. One of those questions you can ask can be as direct as “would you prefer to shop our startup on a website or a mobile app?”

User feedback shouldn’t dictate every decision you make as a startup, but when it comes to deciding on your primary digital platform in the early phases of your business, it can be a helpful way to learn what potential customers want from you.

Mobile App Growth and Development Moving Forward

A website can be a great tool for growth, and your user feedback might show that users still consider websites the best platform on which to shop products or servies from a business. That said, there’s no denying the growth of the mobile app industry. Considering that mobile app market is expected to reach USD $366.34 billion by 2027, this might be the best place to start for your new business.

Consult with a proven startup application development team to see what might be possible if you make the move to mobile for your startup.

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