Starting out in Event Planning? Here are Tips that Work!

Starting out in Event Planning? Here are Tips that Work!

Covid 19 is a force to reckon with even now but you know well that life has to move on. Therefore, postponing your plans for setting up a new business is not fair anymore. Since the world has gotten back upon its feet, you need to take those dreams by the collar and start implementing them in real-time.  When you plan to establish a new business, there could be a dilemma of what niche to start in, and starting out in event planning is no different.  It takes key decisions to succeed.

Choosing to join the Event Management Industry?

With myriad details to take care of when planning a business establishment, you must go on for event planning on lines of some famous event management company like Craft Co. The first tip to keep in mind here is that event businesses are dicey—given that sometimes you have intermittent work and getting on the wrong foot is easier than stepping into the right zone. The point to remember here is if you have decided at all, on setting up an event management business, then the first thing to work on is setting a strategy.

Begin just Right

Ensure that you know what market you want to cater to. Deliberate over what industry standards you want to set. Decide on how you want to handle the event planning-as a freelance or as a small firm having a dependable core team. Ensure that your event planning business setup is in place. You need to make a checklist of all basic items needed as a foundation. The first thing will be getting the registrations.

Invest in Online Marketing

Even before you officially begin work, your event management business needs to see some advertisement, the easiest and cheapest or almost free channel for effective marketing for your new business is online. Create those important social media pages. Invest in colorful graphic-based announcements around the launch. Ask your circles to share and spread the word with some clicks! Gradually you have to leverage the power of social media. Besides this, you need to set up a website. Get in touch with a professional even though you need not spend too heavily on the same, right at the outset.

Invest in Business Tools

Ensure that you invest in the right business tools that will help you manage client appointments, booking, and documentation of periods and even with payments. Build up your knowledge on these tools first. Ask someone to help with these core details if you are not very clear yourself.

Build a Portfolio

Even when you venture afresh into the business of events and event design, you need to have a few portfolio pictures ready. These could be smaller events you did as an intern or for your friends. Gradually, keep adding to this portfolio so that your future clients have an idea of your working capacity and style. This helps build up a brand image and also adds value to your business.

Understand your Competition

You are no stranger to this business of event planning so of course, there are few others around you who have been there for some time longer. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on what the industry is doing. Keep reading up on market trends and demands. Follow and stay informed—not obsessively spy on—over what your competitors are doing in their area of work.


All of this will only push you to deliver better results as you start out in event planning! A new business can surely look and seem complex. However, with some clever planning and efforts, you sure can turn the tide in your favor. Good luck with your event planning and next event!

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