SEO Content Writing: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started Now

SEO Content Writing

Did you know that content marketing can cost up to 62% less than traditional marketing methods? Not only that, but it can bring in about 3 times more leads if done properly!

SEO content writing is but one of the many cogs that make up a well-oiled content marketing machine. High-quality content can mean the difference in winning the heart of Google and other search engines.

With strong SEO content writing skills, the blogging world can literally be your oyster. Keep reading to find out how to start.

First, What Exactly Is SEO Content? 

To understand what you want to be writing, let's understand what SEO content is and how to create it.

Basically, SEO content is any piece of content that you create with search engine optimization in mind. It is designed purely to rank in search engines.

The thing is, any content throughout your website can be seen as SEO content. And yes, at the end of the day, it all does count towards your overall search engine performance. However, generally speaking, when we talk about SEO content, we're referring to your blog.

Why Is SEO Content So Important? 

The biggest problem that we face is the mass of information on the internet. If you go ahead and type in 'porcelain dolls' into Google, you'll see approximately 56 million search results.

And that is exactly why SEO content is important.

Imagine that all the porcelain doll companies in the world had the same 5 pages on their website. Each with the same general descriptions, similar product descriptions, and not much else to differentiate them. How then would a search engine decide who comes first?

That's where your SEO content strategy comes in and all the tactics that come with it.

People who may be customers of these porcelain doll companies may be looking in search engines for tips on how to clean vintage dolls. So, if your company had a blog post written to cover this topic, you might find yourself a new client through the creation of this helpful content. Keeping SEO in mind of course.

What Is SEO Content Writing? 

SEO content writing dives further into how you write content for your website. In fact, it should always be driven by your SEO strategy and serve a purpose.

The gist of it is that your website will need a blog, and your SEO content writing will be what you use to write articles for this blog. A popular new option is to use AI copywriting software to create SEO content fast by removing writers block and generating a first draft to then edit quickly. See this review of ClosersCopy vs Jasper to see how two popular AI tools work.

Some companies choose to find a content writing service to assist them with this. Especially as it can be hard to get it right from the get-go.

The fact is that you can't simply write an article for SEO purposes and hope for the best. Actually, there's a framework or a strategy that you need to follow to see any success. Let's have a quick look at these guidelines.

  1. Find a Topic That Works

Finding a topic that works is paramount to successful SEO content writing. This can be done by researching similar articles that other people have published and validating that your idea is a proven one.

  1. Understand Your Post Types

Understanding what types of posts will rank. Often these are list-driven articles, how-to guides, or even sticking the word 'easy' into your title to grab the reader's attention. This will help you plan your articles.

  1. Focus On Your Headline

Do you know that short synopsis you see when you're on that first page of Google? Try to envision what that will say before you even start writing. Make sure that your headline and introduction are noteworthy and grab your reader's attention.

Not only are the above points valid, but there are also a ton of formatting points to consider, amongst other tips. It all boils down to honing your content writing skill and putting in the hours to practice. Eventually, these things will become like second nature to you as you create content more easily each time.

SEO Content Writing Tips 

When it comes to SEO-driven content and articles, there are several ways to make sure that you're ticking all the right boxes.

First, always, always write with your audience in mind. Why? Well, if the content on your website is written for your ideal target market with their intent in mind, you'll most likely be drawing the right person to your website that you can ultimately turn into a customer.

Second, focus on the actual structure of your articles. It's important that your articles follow the right headline format from H1 to H2 and more. Also, you'll want to do some digging to find out exactly how many times you should mention your target keyword in a certain article, overstuffing content with keywords can chase your reader away and damage your ranking in search engine results. So, use keywords wisely.

Third, use good images. The better your imagery, the more aesthetically pleasing your blog will be; it's that simple.

Lastly, when you're looking at building links, try to do this organically. For example, you don't want to stick a random link in that really isn't useful or relevant to your target audience member. Stick to articles and other websites that come across as authoritative and professional, and steer clear of dodgy-looking URLs and websites.

Successful SEO Content Writing 

The thing is, SEO content writing and the journey it will take you on is like choosing the path less traveled when there are two diverged in the woods. (Thanks, Robert Frost!)

At first, it may not seem easy, but once you've made the decision and you commit, you're halfway there. Remember that nobody sees SEO changes overnight. Stick to your strategy and keep publishing those content pieces. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Lastly, make sure that you have something in place to measure your growth and performance; otherwise, how else will you know if it's working?

Head on over to the digital marketing section of our blog if you're looking for more great advice and tips.

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