The Role of Spare parts Inventory Optimization in Business

The Role of Spare parts Inventory Optimization in Business

All assets-intensive industries depend on a fully functional-optimized MRO supply chain mechanism to succeed. Implementing strong spare parts inventory management system is profound to that optimization and crucial to ensure your company's long-term success. By comprehending, managing, and supporting your company's asset and ecosystem system's interconnected nature, driving efficacious and cost-saving is fundamental and a reality that can get achieved.

A well-designed spare parts inventory management program should be focused on enhancing the inventory mix and ensuring you possess what you need to support and strengthen ongoing operations. Sometimes, allocating finite working capital to ensure that the right part is in the right position at the perfect time may be a daunting task. This is when this magnificent part inventory management system comes into play.

What is MRO inventory optimization?

This is the process of procuring, storing, utilizing, and refilling the materials and supplies used for maintaining assets at the lowest possible costs. It involves ensuring you have stock on hand while considering the available storage, space, and budget. MRO inventory management's ultimate goal is to have the right stock at the right time, place, and right price.  This is the essence of a powerful spare parts inventory strategy.

What are the key features of MRO inventory optimization?

Service level analysis

This feature aggravates service levels by ensuring the rights parts are availed at the right time.

Inventory optimization

It aligns safety stock with business impacts utilizing an automated analytics-based approach.

Lead time analysis

This feature segments your inventory by priority in criticality and business impact of MRO available spares and materials.

Quick reports

This spectacular feature rapidly generates and displays reports and KPIs across all your key metrics.

Baseline analysis

It analyzes inventory value based on an average cost, inherited items and other devisable criteria.

Demand forecasting

This profound feature reduces the risk of stocking excessive consumables or getting out of the stock of vital spare parts.

What-if analysis

This system examines versatile scenarios and establishes your business strengths as it relates to a spare parts inventory.

Knowledge capture

Capturing organizational knowledge relating to inventory items is a vital business process mechanism in averting blunders and re-investigation. This capturing should be addressed through:

  • Selecting pre-defined inventory management reports.
  • Provision of an audit trail for decision-making.
  • Ensuring that there is high data quality for input parameters and classification codes.
  • Providing reminders when reviews are due.

Benefits of MRO inventory optimization

  • It suppresses reduced equipment downtime through enhanced part availability.
  • Enhanced inventory availability makes it possible to formulate set targets, service levels, and track achievement.
  • It leads to improved parts inventory functioning profile through the engagement of customized reporting and splashboards.
  • Minimal administrative time is needed in time review and analyzing ordering values through machine learning and target reviews.
  • Minimization in spare parts spending and consumption. A well-developed and functional storeroom management scheme that adheres to MRO inventory splendid exercises can reduce spending and consumption by managing repairable parts and strategic buying methods.
  • Enhances better technical team utilization. This system improves your team's utilization of time and energy, and this proves to be the most beneficial of spectacular MRO storeroom management strategy for your spare parts inventory.

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