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Writing blog posts can be fun. But reading the reactions from your readers when a post gets them excited is the best. But the challenge lies in scheduling and sharing on social media. How will you remind people to check out your cool post after a couple of days, weeks or months?

Some programs like Tweet Deck allow you to write Tweets in advance and schedule them. But Missinglettr takes this idea and goes even further. It allows you to not only plan your social media posts over the next year, but it even writes the social media posts for the keywords you're using. With these duties taken care of, you’re free to pursue other tasks – like creating more quality blog content that gets people talking.

Here’s why is a useful product:

  • You can give it input. Missinglettr won’t make the process entirely automated; you approve what’s going out to your social media accounts. You’re still able to approve every scheduled post ahead of time for up to 9 posts for each piece of content. Part of the automated system writes the social media posts using Natural Language Processing, but also uses your keywords.
  • You can enhance the social media messages with hashtags. You can add hashtags to emphasize certain words or topics and potentially get more people to see it. Coming up with a handful of applicable tags is easier than creating full posts.
  • It does the work of a professional social media scheduler. Large companies have a huge team, including at least one person in charge of planning and scheduling posts. But these duties often fall on the shoulders of 1 already overloaded people in small businesses. Missinglettr lets you set up a full schedule for the same post in advance. Just set it and forget it.
  • It can grow traffic. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught in the technical details of designing blog posts and engaging social media posts, and we forget why we do them all in the first place. We need to get people interested enough to visit our business to hopefully buy from us. Social media posts promoting a blog post can get people talking about you, or even visit your site to read more. Since you don’t have to post and schedule posts in real time, think of it as something more passive that runs in the background and does your promotion for you.
  • It’s easy to experiment. Since you have up to nine spaces for each post, you can schedule different days of the week to see what is effective to increase traffic. Maybe a Friday in summer will have different engagement than a Friday in winter.
  • Variable prices. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, offers options. The basic ‘free’ level includes one campaign and social profile per week for one blog. There are premium packages for businesses, individuals, and agencies.

Overall, Missinglettr can make planning your social media a breeze.
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