Reservations In The New Normal: How To Improve Your Booking System

Improve Your Booking System

Do you own a business that requires customers to book services or purchase products online? If you do, it can be difficult to get people to click that 'buy' or 'reserve' button right away. Businesses have been affected and revolutionized by the pandemic. You'll have to be innovative as you can in keeping your business afloat during these challenging times. Online bookings are essential for any company today. Below are eight tips to improve your online booking system and get more customers virtually:

  1. Add A Booking Widget To Your Website

The first thing you should consider doing is finding the right booking software for your website or complete hospitality software. One of the booking tools you may consider is a WordPress Booking Plugin. A booking plugin makes reservations effortless for your customers. You also have to think about the positioning of said plugin or widget on your website. This way your customers won't miss it while navigating through.

You want people to use your widgets and apps. Therefore, you should make it easy by adding them to your website and blog. Add the widget in a spot where it doesn't interfere with any other content. Many people like using sidebars, but some sites prefer placing them inside articles. Or, you could even make them into boxes that readers can subscribe to via email or RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

Most of these services will offer you statistics on the number of subscribers. Think about what makes sense for your site and where you think you'll get the most traffic.

  1. Optimize Websites For Mobile Devices

Many businesses still maintain websites that are not mobile-friendly. Mobile internet usage is growing so quickly, the Mobile Marketing Association of Asia predicts that by 2020, more people will own smartphones than toothbrushes around the world. This became a reality when 4.8 billion people have mobile phones, while only 4.2 billion own toothbrushes. Thus, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile phones yet, be sure to get that done.

Most of the people seeking to book with you are most likely going to do so over mobile. So, if your website isn’t responsive enough, or just doesn’t look good, then you could lose a lot of potential clients.

  1. Add Social Media Buttons

We all know that when it comes to selling something online, social media is king. And your staff knows this best. Any time there is an update on social media, be it on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and anything else—its reach extends far beyond what traditional advertising can achieve in miles.

Social media buttons are not only great for sharing your website, but they also help increase the time people spend on your website. If you can incorporate social media buttons in an aesthetically pleasing and secure manner, it will increase online bookings dramatically.


  1. Provide A Guest Feedback Form

Give guests a chance to help you out by providing feedback about their experiences. Ask why they chose to visit, what they liked about your services, and what could have been better. This information is helpful when planning future menus and activities. It also lets you know of any little tweaks that need to be made to increase online bookings.

Not everyone will give you detailed constructive criticism. But, those who do you should recognize and appreciate. Include this link on your website so people can provide input after staying at your place.

  1. Add Coupons Or Deals That Are Easily Searchable

There is no other way around it—when consumers want to make a booking online, chances are, they will check out the big names first. This is why you need to make sure your website is an easy way for people to find what they're looking for. This means including coupons and special offers that are easily searchable.

  1. Add Live Chat Buttons

If you're looking for authenticity online, nothing beats human contact. Live chats offer customers the ability to directly communicate with someone from your company. Thereby, helping to instill trust and develop personal relationships. Both of which help increase online bookings. Live chats function as customer service representatives 24/7. They also act as valuable lead generators for many businesses.

  1. Integrate High-Quality Content Into Your Blog

If you're good at writing, then you should probably consider including some helpful content on your site. Not only will including tips help guests plan their visit, but if you write about upcoming events and promotions, then your guests are going to have a complete picture of what you have to offer. And, by having your booking system online, they can immediately reserve or sign up.

If you do this right, word-of-mouth may even create new business for you without costing a cent!

  1. Offer Incentives

Encouraging people to book directly with you is worthwhile because the commission rates are generally better than when they go through another site. If you're planning on doing this, it's also necessary to offer guests something in return. A great example of this is when hotels give out points that can be redeemed for future rooms or other goods/services (like free coffee).

You could start local discount clubs, offer credit for a future stay, or provide discounts for specific services at your place. Just make sure to enumerate the benefits clearly to capture your customers' interest.


Your online booking system is the pinnacle of your business during this pandemic. The more services your clients can efficiently access from the comfort of their homes, the better for your business.

You should aim to streamline the entire booking system using relevant plugins. This gives your clients more value and secure business for your company.

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