Pros and Cons Of Using Webflow Website Builder

Pros and Cons Of Using Webflow Website Builder

Before we start with the pros and cons of using Webflow website builder. Let’s first see what is Webflow. Webflow is a complete CMS (Content Management System) just like WordPress. It helps in designing extremely powerful and responsive websites without any coding. But if we talk about any alternative that can give a real challenge to WordPress CMS then it’s only Webflow.

Webflow Alternative

Webflow is not the only CMS platform available in the market. There are various Webflow alternatives present, that you may find even better for your business. And you must know about all those Webflow alternatives so that you can find the best one for your business.

Now it’s time to know all the pros and cons of using the Webflow site builder.

Pros of Webflow

  1.  Free to use

This is one of the biggest advantages of Webflow site builder. It is completely free to use. Yes, it’s true that you won’t get all the features that are available in premium versions. But all the free features are good to start with. Additionally, the paid plans of Webflow site builder are also very economical.

  1. Features

The features deserve to be a pro of the Webflow site builder. Its drag and drop site builder is very good and is also supported by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But, the best part is that you don’t need to know how to code. So, if you want to develop a static website or an ecommerce website you can easily build both with Webflow.

And, for those who want their website to rank on Google, they can do that too. Webflow provides advanced SEO controls and you can easily develop an SEO-friendly website. But wait that's not all, Weblow also provides 100 unique and responsive templates for website.

  1. Plan Flexibility

Another major advantage of Webflow website builder is the flexibility with plans. No other site builder offers so many different plan options. If you want to go with the free plan then you can do that. But if you want to purchase their paid plan you also have a variety of options.

Their main plans are split into two parts:

  1. Site Plans: for basic website design templates and direction.
  2. Account Plans: for advanced website design with advanced features and add ons.

Both of these plans are further divided for more customizable options.

  1. Security

Webflow website builder also offers a high level of security. With each plan, you will also get a free SSL certificate. Within Webflow no one can access your backend without your permission. Webflow makes sure that it complies with all security standards. Thereby offering a secure website hosting platform.

  1. Ease of Use

Its easiness in use and website building also makes this one of the best website builders. In the beginning, the interface may look a little complex. However, once you start using it, you will find it so simple to use. No code, no hassle, simply just drag and drop.

  •  Simple UI/UX
  • Supports over 2000 fonts
  • Supports some complex customizations

Note that Webflow doesn’t come with the plugins like WordPress and Shopify. However, its huge range of features eliminates the need for them. There is, however, the option to use something like DropInBlog for Webflow, which allows you to add an easy-to-manage blog to your Webflow website. It’s as simple as a built-in solution, and it also works just as well.

Cons of Webflow

  1. Code Customizations

Webflow website builder supports various editing level customizations. But, if you want to customize websites at the code level it’s not possible. Yes, you can do some basic level customizations on code, but if you want to change the functionality of any code through coding then you can’t do that.

  1. Plans

As we already discussed that Webflow offers a wide variety of plans. But it’s both a pro and a con. Sometimes the range of plans is too complex and confusing for people to choose from. It also makes it difficult to work out which plan may be right for you.


These are just some of the pros and cons of the Webflow website builder. If we see its pros and cons then one can easily say that it’s more beneficial and which is true also. Webflow is one of the best CMS available in the market. Some people are shifting from WordPress to Webflow website builder. Now, which to choose is completely your choice, but make sure before choosing any site builder you research and compare.

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