How AI Is Revolutionizing the Hiring Process

How AI Is Revolutionizing the Hiring Process

When most people think of artificial intelligence in the workplace, they think of productivity tools like content generators, workflow automation suites, and customer service chatbots. But the integration of AI into the modern workplace begins before an employee even sits down at their desk; it starts during the hiring process.

As in most areas of business, AI is revolutionizing the hiring process. Disruptive companies in all sections of the hiring pipeline – from applications to screening, EORs to DEI – are leveraging this tech to yield several advantages:

  • Maximizes efficiency and saves money
  • Overcomes inherent exclusionary biases
  • Improves a candidate’s experience throughout the process
  • Finds better quality talent

To illustrate this point, here are a few ways AI is transforming hiring and recruiting.

Sourcing Candidates with AI

Artificial intelligence has made it far simpler for recruiters to generate leads. Essentially, AI-driven sourcing involves programs that crawl the internet’s many job boards, social media sites, and business databases in search of leads. They can sort candidates by relevance, role, skill level, and even their likelihood of leaving a current position. What was once a crude and time-consuming process is now fast and targeted. Thereby, saving companies untold sums on lead generation.

Vetting and Assessing for Quality, Relevant Skills, and Cultural Fit

Tangentially related to the point above, AI can also assess candidates' quality, relevant skills, and cultural fit. Before AI, a hiring manager relied on gut instinct and loads of reading to arrive at the same conclusions an AI program can instantaneously.

What’s more, these AI programs help limit inherent exclusionary biases in the vetting process. This also gives a meritocratic edge to candidates who might otherwise be overlooked. This bias reduction leads to a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace. In turn, this can help strengthen both innovation and company culture.

Intelligent Interviews

While some companies still prefer the old-fashioned person-to-person interview (understandably), others have begun embracing AI in the interview space too. Interview platforms tend to use “conversational AI,” chat-based programs. These use natural language processing and branching conversations to carry on a dialogue with candidates. The programs process and analyze responses to correspond with the assessments above – skill, relevance, cultural fit, etc.

Some tools have even started using facial and vocal analysis AI to understand a candidate's emotions, attitude, and comfort level.

Elevating the Employee Experience with AI-Powered EOR Platforms

Once a company selects its candidate, it can turn to a whole different world of AI solutions – specifically, AI-powered Employer of Record platforms (EORs).

This AI-powered agent for global employment streamlines the offer and onboarding process by helping to create job descriptions and generate locally-compliant employment contracts. Further down the pipeline, it automates payroll processes, HR management, tax deductions, benefits administration, and a host of other time-consuming processes. By optimizing these areas of the employee experience, an AI-powered EOR solution maintains a happy workforce. In turn, this reduces employee turnover – and the need to start the recruiting process anew.

If your company is interested in optimizing the hiring process from end to end, consider researching these revolutionary innovations. In all likelihood, your competition is already considering them.

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