8 Code Editors That Speed Up the Workflow of WordPress Developers

Code Editors That Speed Up the Workflow of WordPress Developers

Coding is an integral part in the development of any website and mobile application. In today’s life when it has gone all digital, then it has become really important to have the best output in terms of UI for the end users so that they spend the maximum time on the app or webpages. There are several factors which decide the look and feel of the website and apps, one of them is the platform one chose to build it. Nowadays, WordPress is highly preferred by people due to the enormous advantages it gives to developers. Thus, business owners tend to hire WordPress developers.

The second most important thing is coding. This increases the pressure on the coders to do perfect coding for the website as well as produce the best output. Coding in itself is a very complicated task that requires a lot of dedication and attention for the best output. So, there are several tools available in the market which can assist developers with coding. WordPress development services India has actually grown to assist with several tools and editors to help them to give the best result.

The Top-Rated Code Editors for WordPress Developers:

Many WordPress developers believe that all text or code editors are the same or similar which is not true. The WordPress development company tends to educate developers about the different benefits and features of different editors. If they make the correct selection, then they can experience a remarkable change in their coding experience. Below mentioned are the details of some of the best code editors available in the market so far:

1) Notepad ++

Notepad is governed by GPL license and is a free and open-source code editor which supports various programming languages. It runs on Microsoft Windows. The ‘++’ in the name highlights the auto-completion and other specific things related to programming. This one of the oldest and most accepted code editors and the best thing about it is that it is good for both beginners as well as experts. Some of its features are:

  • User Interface is customizable
  • Auto-completion of the code
  • Supports Search and replace functionality
  • Syntax highlighting and folding
  • Plugins for enhancing the functionalities of editor
  • Compatible with the cross platforms
  • FTP support

2) Atom Editor

This is again a free software which is highly customizable and is designed by the GitHub team. It is an open-source code editor and the majority of code is user-contributed. Available for Mac, Windows & Linux. Most of the features are pre-installed in the Atom, thus, it is very convenient to use. As it supports real-time editing, it makes it possible to have smooth coordination within the team and proper organization of the projects. Some of the features are:

  • Pretty smart code auto-completion
  • Sharing and collaborating code using teletype
  • Editing is possible cross-platform
  • Themes are customizable
  • Find and Replace function
  • Supports multiple panes
  • Push and Pull requests through GitHub
  • Packages are available to improve functionalities

3) Coda

This is designed specifically for Mac OS and supports OS X ten.7.5 and later versions. It is mainly for coders who want speedy editing. One unique feature by name is the one-click wildcard token which makes it easy to create color or gradients while typing only. Some other features are below:

  • Touch Bar
  • Auto-code conclusion
  • Supports heavy files
  • Built-in Terminal or Inspector
  • Traditional or the visual tabs are color coordinated
  • Supports different programming languages
  • 'Panic Sync’ functionality for passwords, sites, and private keys

4) Sublime Text

This is one of the most lightweight and robust code editors. It is quite easy to install and supports multiple markup languages. Additionally, it offers the important functionalities of IDE and Python Scripting as well. Sublime Text is compatible on all platforms. Some of the other features are below:

  • Gives high performance
  • For opening, the file Keyboard shortcuts can be used
  • Add extra functionalities with packages are available
  • Insert repeat text, multi-caret editing is available
  • Several tools and shortcuts are available
  • Multiple selection is supported
  • Assists split editing
  • Syntax and error detection
  • Interface is customizable

5) Bluefish

As one of the powerful editors, Bluefish loads a site within a few seconds and is equipped with various features to support the work. It supports concurrent services and operates between 600+ documents. This software works on all major OS like MAC, Windows, Linux. Speed and performance can be called synonyms of this tool. Some of the other features are below:

  • Editing is possible in full screen
  • Unlimited Redo/Undo
  • Snippet Sidebar
  • Search multiple edits in span of seconds
  • Execution and implementation of multiple documents
  • Supports Zen coding
  • Inline Spelling checker
  • Search and Replace option
  • Customizable support as per the programming language
  • Supports multiple encoding
  • Site upload and download

6) Brackets

This is one of the contemporary open-source code editors that understands web design. It is a lightweight and powerful editor which elaborates web design. ‘Live Preview’ is one of the known features of this editor. It supports a simple yet modern user interface with a number of features. Some of the other features are below:

  • Organized files and Inline editors
  • Visual Preview tools
  • Auto-updates
  • Pre-processor support
  • Functionality to beautify
  • Live preview
  • Reliable and fast performance
  • Autoprefixer

7) UltraEdit

This code editor is provided by the IDM computer solutions, and it easily goes with the extensions like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, Perl, and various other programming languages. UltraEdit gives the original programming style to the WordPress developers. It is a paid tool, however, a 30-days trial is available for free. Some of the key features are below:

  • File comparison
  • Auto code completion
  • UI is highly customizable
  • Themes are powerful
  • Find and Replace functionality
  • Code Syntax highlighting
  • Mark Bookmark
  • Multi-caret editing and multi-selection feature
  • Editable column mode
  • Real time preview
  • Strong & durable themes

8) Visual Studio Code

It is usually referred to as VS code and is one of the popular editors in the market. Launched by Microsoft, this is a cross-platform editor. It works on MAC, Linux, Windows and has many powerful features to support the developers. Some of the features are:

  • Debugging code functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight and quite robust
  • Compatible with almost all the programming language
  • Easy integration with terminal
  • Simple deployment of projects
  • Extensions available to improve functionalities


The above points explain the different features and functionalities of different code editors. And, WordPress developers should try different editors before settling for anyone. As the right selection of code editors can make their work quite easy and help them complete the projects in the fastest and quickest way.

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