No Code App Builder Tools: Shoutem vs Appy Pie and More

Is your company wanting an app in the Apple and Google Play app stores?  Are you not wanting to spend 6 figures and potentially want a simpler way to build that you can manage or update?  Then it's time to look at no code app builder tools like Shoutem, Appy Pie and more.  In this podcast, we dive in with more details!

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Diving into

No Code App Builder Tools: Shoutem vs AppyPie and More

App builder tools are on the rise, and for a good reason. These tools allow organizations to quickly create essential apps without the need for programming skills. Additionally, they are quite budget-friendly. Indeed, a few are free-to-use – at least for a trial period.

Unfortunately, the ever-expanding app builder market means choosing the right no-code builder tool is now a significant challenge for interested professionals and organizations. We’ve identified seven of the best no-code app builder tools, so you know where to begin your search.

1. Shoutem

no code App Builder shoutem

Shoutem is a custom native app development service with a no-code development component. We like the company because it has a dedicated team behind the scenes to ensure your app’s success. The platform also offers market analysis, visual design solutions, and feature extensions to give you an edge over your competitors. Better still, customers get quality assurance, app publishing services, measurement and analysis, and permanent support. Pro services start from $1199.

2 Appy Pie 

Appy Pie is another very popular no-code platform. The drag-and-drop tool lets build high-end Android, iOS, and PWA (progressive-web) apps without coding knowledge. The trial version is free-of-charge. After that, you can upgrade to the Basic ($18/month), Gold ($36/month), or Platinum ($60/month) plans.

3. BuildFire

BuildFire is a cloud-based application development platform purposely developed to help small to medium-sized businesses create custom apps without advanced coding skills. It is a no code app builder that primarily caters to the media, entertainment, and educational industries and stands out for its unique push notifications, user management, tagging, analytics, and plug-in access features. You can also use it to manage web apps and marketplaces. Premium plans start at $159/month.

4. BiznessApps

BiznessApps is an all-in-one platform that gives you the tools to design, build, and manage mobile applications. It’s most popular among small businesses interested in pre-built apps for food ordering, mobile shopping, and appointment scheduling. The drag-and-drop system makes it easy to lift third-party functionalities onto your app. Additionally, you can track app usage and engagement metrics with ease. BiznessApps has a free trial period followed by premium services from $99/month.

5. AppSheet

AppSheet is slightly different in that it only lets you build mobile apps (Android or iOS) from data pulled from existing worksheets. So, for instance, you can build an app with AppSheet by merely pulling data from your DropBox, OneDrive, or Google Drive, without any coding involved. We also love that you can add GPS maps, charts, push notifications, photos, and so much more to the data as you wish. Subscription prices start from $5/user/month.

No-Code App Summary 

Hopefully, this gives you a headstart on what a no code app builder is and some of the leaders in this arena.  Feel free to explore further the strengths and weaknesses of each no-code builder tool to make an informed decision.  

Take Action!

Ok, that's a quick overview.  Which ones stood out to you?  Go over and view their sites and demos.  An app is possible for your business or organization!  Take an action this week to get your business closer to having an app!

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