Creating a Facebook Marketing Campaign - Podcast Episode 12

November 8, 2013
With over 1.15 Billion users and spanning all important demographics, Facebook is a key opportunity for businesses to connect with their ideal audience. This is episode 12 of the HalftimeMike Podcast. This episode dives into the details of how to create a Facebook Marketing campaign. Listen Now: [powerpress] Outlined are the questions every business needs […]

Growing Email Lists with Incentives on Facebook

November 6, 2013
A problem many small and medium sized businesses face today is how to grow their email list.  Email continues to be a viable way to reach and nurture interested parties so that they ultimately move to become a paying customer. The question is, how can you grow your list to add more potential customers to it? One […]

Beyond Basic Content Marketing - Adding Podcasting to the Mix

November 2, 2013
We hear lots and lots about the need to have a content marketing strategy.  I don't disagree, I am for content marketing. However, I think our focus has been too narrow.  Most often, we limit the concept to actual text copy, or blogging as  our definition of  "content marketing." Content marketing, however, is much more […]

Grow Holiday Sales with Facebook Marketing Campaigns

October 31, 2013
Holiday shopping has started! Did you know that U.S. shoppers spend an average of $237 on themselves while doing holiday shopping?  They do!  Stat courtesy of National Retail Foundation. Now is the time to implement a plan that reaches and engages consumers before they've made decisions about their gift purchases! I've got a resource for you... You […]

Death, Taxes, and Facebook Changes

October 31, 2013
They used to say that the two constants in life that were guaranteed were taxes and death. Now you can add "Facebook making changes" to that list! My goal is to keep you up-to-date on key items,  so I want to outline four changes that have occurred over the past few months that every Page […]

Top Facebook Marketing Tips from Post Planner Chief Josh Parkinson [Podcast]

October 30, 2013
  Trying to grow your Facebook community? Wanting to boost engagement and drive more traffic to your website? This is a "MUST LISTEN" podcast featuring my interview with Post Planner founder Josh Parkinson.  Josh calls himself the "Chief Pain Killer" for Post Planner.  His aim is to make Facebook marketing easy and to save you […]

Facebook Tabs Not Showing IFramed WebSite - Why and What to Do Now

October 25, 2013
Checked your Facebook Page tabs lately? Many Facebook tabs have content that has gone missing recently. This is particularly possible when users are not using a Facebook Tab App Provider to host the content like TabSite, but are iframing their own website into a tab.   This issue has to do with browser changes so […]

Social Media Management and Monitoring Streamlined - Interview with Ian Cleary [Podcast]

October 23, 2013
Are you "knee deep" in social media and wanting to gain efficiencies? Are you wondering how you can use social media more effectively and streamline some of your work? This episode has answers to those questions! I was thrilled and privileged to host Ian Cleary, blogger, and social media tool guru of RazorSocial recently. Click below to […]

Mike's Top Mobile App Picks for Business Productivity

October 20, 2013
One of the positive benefits of the explosion of mobile phone apps is the advancement of apps that provide powerful business tools for use on the go. Here's four of my "must have" business apps that keep me productive while out of the office. Dropbox The Dropbox app is a cloud-based home for all my […]

Facebook offering Page Suggestions - Like it or Not?

October 17, 2013
Facebook wants to help users find and "Like" other Pages.  One way they do this is by offering relevant suggestions to other Pages when you "Like" a new Page. See below:  You’ve likely seen this …when you “Like” a Page, you get a series of suggested Page recommendations with easy access to “Like.” What you […]

Built-In Social: Small Business Guide to Social Marketing [Podcast Interview with Author Jeff Korhan]

October 16, 2013
Do you currently use social media to attract and engage customers? Are you wondering how you can use social media to market your business and drive sales? I was thrilled and privileged to host Jeff Korhan, author of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business, on my Digital Marketing podcast recently. Click below to listen! […]

10 Ways Restaurants Can Use Social Media To Grow

October 11, 2013
Taste success using social media for your restaurant!  With social media becoming such an integrated and assumed part of daily life for the average person, most businesses recognize the value of using social media to increase their business and brand reputation. Restaurants are no exception. As the owner of a restaurant, bar, or eatery, it is […]

Facebook Ad Link and Photo Post 20 Percent Text Templates

October 7, 2013
  I will confess, Facebook's 20% text limit in images was driving me crazy.   I've had dozens of Facebook Ads rejected.   Sometimes those ads would start, get some reach, then get squashed by Facebook as unapproved.  Generally, it was always too much text!   I've got the email memorized... So then I started using their […]

Facebook Tip: Turning off Similar Page Suggestions

October 3, 2013
It's Facebook Tip Thursday! You've likely seen this...When a new fan “Likes” your Page, they get a series of suggested pages they may also wish to “Like.”   What you Need to Know These recommendations are not paid ads. They are straight from Facebook. Facebook simply offers this, and bases suggestions on location, category, and […]

[Podcast] Creating a Facebook Sales Funnel

October 2, 2013
Episode 8 of the Halftime Mike Podcast dives into how companies on Facebook can use posts and tabs to create a Facebook sales funnel. [powerpress] Facebook provides marketers with tremendous opportunity to connect with their target audience. Facebook has over 1.15 billion users, Those Facebook users spend 20 minutes per visit on Facebook Over 699 […]

Definitive Guide to Facebook Timeline Contests [eBook]

October 1, 2013
Since Facebook opened up the opportunity for Timeline Contests a few weeks ago, I've tried to keep you informed with a few blog posts on the key differences between Timeline and Tab Contests, ideas you can try, and now.... Your eBook definitive Guide to Facebook Timeline Contests is here!  Fresh and ready to help you, […]

Get More Shares of Your Content!

September 27, 2013
How many hours have you spent adding buttons, gadgets and widgets to your new blog or website versus focusing on getting more shares of your content? You research the right tools, share buttons, share bars, analytic tracking tools and more. You install them with a hope and a prayer that someone somewhere is going to […]

Top Facebook Statistics 2013 [as of September]

September 26, 2013
Here's a great compilation of 15 key Facebook statistics for 2013. Bottom line:  Facebook continues to grow.  Facebook is being used more and more by mobile users.  Facebook needs to be a key part of your online marketing strategy. Which stat stands out to you the most?  Let me know in the comments! 1. Worldwide, […]

Timeline Contests and Tab Contests Compared [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 25, 2013
Facebook added new possibilities, so how can you quickly decide which option is best for your page? Read on! INFOGRAPHIC: Guide to deciding between a Timeline Contest, a Tab Contest, or both! Timeline Contest is best if: If you want to launch right away (like today!) If you want fast engagement (like’s and comments on […]

[Podcast] Comparison of Facebook Timeline and Tab Contests

September 20, 2013
Podcast Episode #7 2013 This Halftime Mike Podcast episode looks into the Facebook promotion policy change opening up contest promos to be run in the news feed. In particular, this episode guides marketers on when to use a Timeline Contest and when to use a Tab Contest. Come away with an informed view on advantages […]

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