How to Increase Brand Awareness: 4 Strategies

How to Increase Brand Awareness: 4 Strategies

Whether you are a startup or have been going for a while, getting your brand recognized and out to your audience is one of your top priorities. Digital marketing, in this day and age, is a crucial element in extending your brand awareness, reaching larger audiences, and increasing your conversion rates.

But, how can you get it right? How can you increase brand awareness, especially if you are a smaller brand? With digital marketing, there are a plethora of tools and platforms you can use to achieve this without breaking your budget.

However, digital marketing is intricate, so hiring one of the best digital marketing agencies is your best choice for increasing brand awareness. Still, if you choose to do it on your own, we unpacked four of the most successful strategies being used and how you can effectively implement them in your business.

Know Your Customer

The first thing you want to do is take an in-depth look at your customer and work on their profiles. Not only will you need to know their basic details and demographics. However, you will also want to do a deep dive into their interests and behaviors too.

You will want to understand what makes your customer tick. What captures their interest? What are they following on social media and what are they more likely to click on and follow? A deep dive into the relevant customer data helps you achieve this.

Learn how to talk directly to them by not only speaking their language but also understanding their culture. If you are mapping your content and marketing around who they are and what they respond to, you are more likely to gain their trust.


Map Out Your Content

One thing that so many companies fall behind on is their content. It is vital to have a content strategy clearly mapped out in advance. Make sure that you have constant content being posted. For best results, companies need to create a content strategy well in advance and keep building on it as they go along.

Map out what needs to be created for the year, and then break it down into months and weeks. The more you pre-plan and pre-create content, the more you will be able to post and get out, reaching audiences. With the right keyword research and the right content, you will be reaching highly targeted audiences.

It is important to make sure that you are constantly doing the research and understand what keywords need to be appearing. If customers are searching for specific words, you want to make sure that your content comes up first for them.

Work on Your SEO

Let’s talk a little more about keywords and SEO. Your SEO should be a constant exercise for your company. Not only should you be doing constant keyword research, but your site and marketing channels will constantly need updates. There are several reasons for this. First, you will make sure that you are constantly showing up in searches and remaining relevant to your customers.

Secondly, Google will regularly scrape your site and channels to ascertain where to categorize you and where to rank you on Google results. The more relevant the content and the more precise the keywords, the more likely you are to appear when your customer searches for you.

Focus on the technical aspects of SEO on your site first and foremost. For example, Yoast is a great plugin if you work off WordPress, and makes it incredibly easy to keep updating your website. It is also worth your while to do regular audits to understand where your site needs help.

Reach Out to Affiliates

Link building and content sharing are great ways of reaching highly targeted audiences somewhat easily and affordably. Content can be shared with other content platforms, media affiliates, and micro-influencers to help you reach further audiences.

The trick is to create educational and informative content that your customers will actually want to see and read about. Blogs are a great example of this. Create educational blogs centered around your industry and share them with your affiliates to share from their side. This way their audiences will consider you a trustworthy source of information and authoritative leader in the field.

Influencers can also help you reach highly targeted audiences who share your interests. Their followers likely enjoy similar content, and may also follow you. So, choose them carefully, and be strategic about what you share with them.

The Bottom Line

Have an in-depth insight into your customer and carefully map out what content they should be seeing from you. Share it as much as possible and find reputable affiliates to share it with their audiences.

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