7 Benefits to Marketing Your Business with Promotional Merch

Benefits to Marketing Your Business with Promotional Merch

Promotional merchandise is a fantastic way to showcase your brand while giving your customers a free, fun item to remember you by. You can typically buy a great bulk of promo merch for a relatively small investment, and will generally see great ROI on the products that you buy. If you’re not yet convinced, here are seven benefits to marketing your business with promotional merchandise that you need to know about:

1. Boosting Your Brand’s Visibility

When you give out promotional merchandise, it shows customers and potential future customers that you care about them. Everyone loves free stuff, and if you emblazon your logo onto useful merchandise (like polo shirts, water bottles, and tote bags), people will be thrilled with your gifts. They will be happy to use, wear, or consume your merchandise, and this will get your brand and logo out into the public eye quickly. Think of free merch as mobile billboards that are constantly streaming through the public square, and you’ll realize just how valuable investing in promotional merchandise can be for your business.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

Billboards, television/internet ads, and other advertising methods can get incredibly expensive, and have less effectiveness behind them with how much competition exists within these advertising spaces. With promotional merch, you’re getting an opportunity to create living advertisements that exist organically within the real world. While it’s not free advertising, the cost-to-exposure ratio behind this marketing strategy is unrivaled. To make sure your band reaches its full potential, you must do your part in crafting stellar promotional merchandise to give out to both existing and future customers.

3. Increase Your Customer Retention

Speaking of existing customers, one of the most important things a company can do is create repeat customers. If a customer is using a product with your logo on it frequently, they will keep your business in mind, and have a much more positive opinion about the company as well. Especially if you’re selling a specialized product or service, customer retention will make or break your ability to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re helping them quench their thirst with a water bottle, or helping them stay cozy with a free shirt, free promotional merchandise will do wonders for your customer retention rates. Pairing your merch with content marketing strategies can help you expand your brand’s exposure even more.

4. Unlock Long-Term Brand Exposure

One of the most impressive aspects of marketing with promotional merchandise is the longevity of its effects on your brand’s visibility. You’re putting products out into the world that might be passed around, used daily, or worn prominently. Because of this, you’re drawing out the value of the money you’ve invested in your promotional merchandise in a major way. Few marketing strategies can give you as much bang for your buck as a quality promotional merchandise campaign can.

5. It Shows That You Care About the Customer

By giving out free promotional merchandise, you’re showing your customers (both existing and future customers) that you’re considering their needs. Even before you’ve done business with them. People appreciate this gesture, and it will make them see you as more trustworthy and genuine. Be sure to offer your merchandise in a fun, but laidback way. Being too aggressive about it could undercut the sincerity that your brand is working toward building with this marketing endeavor.

6. It Helps You Stand Out at Trade Shows

Trade shows are one of the best ways to connect with both new customers and potential business partners. Promotional merchandise has become a staple of trade shows. Therefore, going to one without some offerings will make you less attractive to those browsing the show floor. Add some flair to your promotional merchandise, and you’ll stand out at trade shows in an even more vivid fashion.

7. It’s Fun!

Most importantly, creating promotional merchandise can be great for employee morale. You can give them promotional merchandise as a gift for their hard work. This can add a bit of spice to an otherwise-normal work day. People will always have fun when they’re receiving free merchandise. Thus, make sure you’re not passing up on this amazing marketing opportunity in 2022.

Perfect Your Merchandising Efforts

As you prepare to craft your first batch of free promotional merchandise, you should consider what type of merch will appeal to your ideal customer. Doing so will better your chances of getting serious value out of your investment. It will also ensure that you’re demonstrating your commitment to your customer base as well. With the right effort, you’ll end up nailing your marketing efforts.

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