4 Tech Tools That Will Help You to Grow Your Business

May 18, 2020
Skill, knowledge, and experience in your field will only take your business so far. If you want to see your organization rub shoulders with the giants in its industry, you’re going to need a number of tech tools by your side. With the very latest and best tech tools that will help you grow your […]

8 Big Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Outsource IT Services

May 18, 2020
As IT becomes a bigger part of all our lives isn't the decision to outsource IT services going to be less common? Surely everybody will bring it in-house? Well, with the IT outsourcing market forecast to grow by 6% annually until 2022, outsourcing is very definitely alive and kicking.   If you run a small business […]

How Employee Development Helps Your Business Grow

May 17, 2020
Your employees are your business’s most important assets. If you build your business on the backs of unmotivated and unhappy employees, your team productivity suffers and this will be reflected in your customer satisfaction. One way to increase your employee’s happiness and productivity is by investing in their professional development. This can be found in […]

The Simple Art of Delegation

May 17, 2020
Strong leadership requires a good understanding of your team and its strengths and weaknesses. The best leaders in the world are exceptional delegators. They know how to use this strength to inspire, motivate and build their employees—getting tasks completed on time and improving productivity through the use of effective delegation.  It can be a hard […]

Do Independent Contractors Need To Have Liability Insurance?

May 16, 2020
Independent contractors are people or companies that are not directly employed and are only engaged to perform a particular work or provide services to a general contractor. They are responsible for taking care of themselves and their employees, providing benefits including social security and even medical taxes. And although some other requirements can be fluid […]

Entrepreneurs: Watch Out for These Signs That You're Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

May 16, 2020
Entrepreneurs are truly remarkable people. They’re intelligent, multi-talented, highly skilled and infinitely resourceful. They’re true autodidacts who love learning on their own terms and using what they’ve learned to inform and enrich their business operations. Many entrepreneurs became who and what they were because they refused to be constrained by their role or their employer. […]

Top Reasons to start a Business during a Recession

May 16, 2020
Are you feeling depressed sitting idly at home in the dark times of Covid-19? Well, you can kill that idleness if you have some business ideas roaming in your mind by considering a business startup. Yes, you read it right. If you are a person who is enthusiastic about establishing your own business, then don’t […]

Getting your Marketing Personas Right

May 15, 2020
As is the case with all elements of website design, problem shooting is a critical part of the process. You need to solve any issues before they manifest and end up rendering the personas you have created ineffective. Read on to discover how to make sure you have your personas right. How many different personas […]

How to Identify the Main Purpose of Your Website

May 15, 2020
Are you considering starting a website for your business or feel like you want to make it more effective than it currently is? If so, one question that is necessary to ask yourself is, “What is the website’s purpose?” There are many different purposes, depending on the type you want to create. Main Types of […]

Want To Become A Change Agent? Here Is How You Can Be One

May 15, 2020
Change Agent, a terminology that refers to the individual who is specifically working on the transformational journey of the organization. This transformation may include an employee's personal development, professional development, organizational improvement, and much more. In other words, the change agent is the leader who helps the organization to set up a direction towards change. […]

20 Ways to Make Money Online

May 14, 2020
Looking for online or remote work? Here are 20 ways to make money online where you can register as a service provider on a variety of platforms.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

May 14, 2020
If you run a small business, there may be some elements of it that you enjoy, but others that don’t bring you as much pleasure. There may be some departments where you personally excel, and you’ve probably got more than one weakness. We all have things that we like to do more than others, as […]

Why a Business Website Should Always Be Mobile-Friendly

May 14, 2020
A mobile-friendly website is also known as the responsive website. It is a website that users can easily access when using their smartphones, iPods, and other mobile devices. Businesses with mobile-friendly sites stand a better chance of reaching out to many people. According to estimates, more than five billion people in the world use mobile […]

5 Top Apps For Your Business Networking Needs

May 14, 2020
Whether you’re approaching a career change or looking to broaden your current career, networking is an integral part of the journey. Most of us rely on LinkedIn for our online networking, and while it’s an excellent tool there are many other apps for your business networking needs that you can use. 1 . Shapr  Shapr […]

How to Utilize Chatbots for Digital Marketing

May 14, 2020
Chatbots or bots are computer programs that aim to provide a level of automation to repetitive tasks. Such a task is the mimicking of human conversation. You will notice chatbots in some websites, where, upon your first visit a chat window pop ups within seconds. Most of these chats include a message asking how it […]

Top Features a Project Cost Management Tool Should Possess  

May 13, 2020
Project managers are tasked with managing costs, predicting profitability, as well as making accurate forecasts. However, achieving these things can be a challenge—especially for new project managers. Plus, using spreadsheets and whiteboards to manage projects can be cumbersome. However, project management software can increase your company’s profitability, reduce unforeseen risks, and help measure all costs.  […]

The Employee Complaints Every Manager Hears

May 13, 2020
Keeping your employees happy is always going to be one of the most important things you can focus on in your business. No matter what your business is or what it does, if you don’t have happy employees then you cannot be sure that you are doing things right - nor that you are going […]

Growing your Online Video with StreamYard

May 12, 2020
As a business owner, you can professionally stream live videos like a veteran with the online video StreamYard app. These are the key features of StreamYard.

7 Tips To Make Your First Business Event A Huge Success

May 12, 2020
Businesses pour a lot of resources into digital marketing these days, and that sometimes means that they miss out on some of the effective offline strategies. Nobody can deny that digital marketing is essential and it’s a great way to reach a lot of people. However, online communication is not a substitute for face to […]

How to Create a Youtube Channel That Will Make Money in 2020

May 11, 2020
Youtube is the boom. Because more and more people are starting consuming video content instead of blog posts. Even when you search on Google, the results will show you YouTube videos. Especially if you are searching something related to the 'How-to' category. But with all that competition, can you still become a successful YouTuber in […]

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