Business for the Student: Where to Start to Build a Successful Business

Business for the Student: Where to Start to Build a Successful Business

Everyone’s idea of success involves owning a business. Launching a business as a student in today’s internet-dominated world requires minimal starting investment while carrying worldwide potential.

Compared with traditional businesses, net-based startups are easy to get off the ground. They don’t require restless nights and a full-time commitment, which is why a lot of students decide to launch one parallel to their studies. Ambitions vary. Some do it as a side hustle to earn some going-around money; others chase after future millions.

As the army of the world’s would-be and wannabe businessmen will testify, the hardest part of the business is deciding where to start. Starting motion is always much harder than keeping going once you have, so let us help you take your first steps. Here are a few options on where it might be best for you to enter the world of business.

   Start an Online Writing Service

  • Launch Difficulty - Low
  • Competition - High
  • Initial Investment - Low
  • Potential Profit - Medium
  • Fruition Period - Medium

Online writing services have boomed at the turn of the past decade and are still on the rise. The convenience and affordability make them highly popular among students and workers worldwide and a solid business idea. Beware of growing competition, though; TopEssayWriting and other established quality-writing services are going to be hard to compete with unless you come up with a unique niche or hire expensive writers of varying specialties.

   Become a Youtuber

  • Launch Difficulty - None
  • Competition - Sky High
  • Initial Investment - None
  • Potential Profit - Sky High
  • Fruition Period - High

Hosting a video channel is not for everyone, but if you are a charismatic personality with fresh ideas and something new to tell the world, starting a Youtube channel might be your golden ticket to success and the quickest path from zero to hero. The greatest thing about youtube is its global reach. Popular English-speaking Youtubers rake in millions while doing something seemingly casual and enjoyable. If you feel like this is something you might pull off, absolutely try your hand at it, and before you know it, you are driving around in a customized Lamborghini.

   Dog Walking

  • Launch Difficulty - None
  • Competition - Low
  • Initial Investment - None
  • Potential Profit - Low
  • Fruition Period - Low

Let’s move on to something simpler but with next to no chances for failure. The biggest nuisance for dog owners is the need to walk their pets multiple times a day at the most inconvenient of times. If you are an animal lover, a dog walking service can be your best chance to combine work with pleasure. Here are a few other small business ideas for you to ponder. You don’t necessarily have to go after a world-changing idea right away; it’s much more sensible, realistic, and low-risk to start small and incrementally progress.

   Event planning

  • Launch Difficulty - Medium
  • Competition - Medium
  • Initial Investment - Medium
  • Potential Profit - Medium-High
  • Fruition Period - Medium

College life is renowned for drinking and partying. Why not flex your creative muscles to help others have fun, too?

You will be in charge of setting the location, food, drink, entertainment, and décor if you do decide to pursue this avenue. You'll need to establish connections with a network of suppliers and become an excellent communicator. If you have a good read of people's desires and wishes, good taste, and aesthetic vision, you will quickly build a strong reputation for your brand and graduate from organizing some nobody's birthdays to building a clientele of high-paying customers.

   Final Thoughts

There is no ready-made formula for how to start a successful business especially as a student. Businesses are as hard to think of and set in motion as they are potentially lucrative. So promising and attractive, businesses see severe competition and restless fight for survival for their right to even exist, let alone flourish. Data shows that only a third of startups survive beyond the tenth year of launch. In light of all these unavoidable hardships, you need to make sure your core idea, planning, and execution are all equal to the task. Major businesses are all-or-nothing endeavors, after all, where people can’t usually enjoy many go-arounds and do-overs, so measure a hundred times cut once.


Christian Duke is a top writer renowned within the industry for his work. In just over a year in the field, he became one of the highest-rated and highest-paid writers and now works exclusively with the biggest names in the tech business. For leisure, Christian enjoys fishing and camping along with his friends. 

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