Geofencing Advertising Guide for Google and Facebook

May 28, 2019
Market to customers in a specific geographic location. Use this geofencing advertising guide to enhance customer experience, engagement and increase sales.

Why Videos Are Important in Marketing

May 27, 2019
Over the years video has cemented a place for itself in marketing. That much is clear, based on the statistics that show that: 86% of businesses use videos on websites and 77% use them on social media (Impact). Video is projected to make up 82% of all web traffic by 2022 (Cisco). Based on that […]

The Basic Cycle and Process of Inbound Marketing

May 23, 2019
The fundamental point to consider about inbound marketing is that this is a scenario where you have the definite advantage of already enjoying the attention of your customer, which is in stark contrast to outbound marketing where you are in a battle to gain the same level of receptiveness. Understanding the inbound marketing cycle will […]

Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Website – Are SEO Services in London Right For You?

May 23, 2019
The internet is a big hit in the business landscape. It’s defining how things are done in business in the future—including digital marketing. Google is the first stop where people go when it comes to searching for information. It’s where businesses base their marketing strategies. In a nutshell, promoting your website via digital platforms is […]

Social Media Updates through May 23rd

May 23, 2019
It’s been a whirlwind of changes here recently for Facebook and Instagram!  I’ll cover the major social media updates for these channels in this update. Facebook Changes Changes to Facebook Group Types Facebook is simplifying the types of groups by retiring 13 that now fit under three new groups; general, jobs, and health support. There […]

Your Facebook Page is Not Enough!

May 21, 2019
Is your business Facebook Page Enough? Here's what you can do to increase leads and sales with a well rounded digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Opportunities and Tools Guide for Small Businesses

May 16, 2019
As a small business owner, you likely feel you should be doing more online and implementing more digital marketing opportunities.  Having a digital presence is one of the best ways of building brand awareness and reaching a broader audience to grow your business sales. When you are just getting started, it may seem overwhelming to […]

The Secrets to Writing on the Web: A 7 Point Checklist

May 14, 2019
Writing content for your website is challenging. Make sure to have a purpose for each piece of content. We drill down on the secrets to writing on the web.

Facebook F8 2019 Social Media Updates Through May 9th

May 9, 2019
I will highlight some of the top updates and new features that they discussed will be coming this next year.  Let’s dig in on these Facebook and Instagram social media Updates...

Small Business Hacks: 7 Pro Tips When Doing Employee Payroll

May 8, 2019
Don’t wait until the next tax season to flood your business accountant with questions about how to do your payroll. Not when you can do it yourself easily and correctly with a little help from technology like cloud payroll systems and proper management. Keep reading to learn 7 pro tips when doing employee payroll. Salaries […]

5 Reasons Hard Drive Destruction Company Can Benefit your Business

May 8, 2019
What do you do with those old hard drives?  If you are in the process of improving your IT and getting rid of old hard drives for your business, then it’s critical that you take the appropriate measures to avoid breaching data.  Although you may think the cheapest option is to destroy the drive’s yourself […]

How To Give Your Equipment Hire Company The Boost It Needs

May 7, 2019
Do you currently run a business in the equipment hire management sector? It is easy to get trapped by using multiple software packages for your business, but this can often hold you back. In 2019, it is time for the industry to wake up and see what they can do differently to enhance efficiency. Here, […]

Facebook Ads for Growth and Profit - Which Businesses Benefit by Using Facebook Ads

May 7, 2019
Which businesses benefit by using Facebook ads? They are affordable, highly targeted, and measurable. Find out if it is a good solution for your business.

Why Your Apartment Rental Company Needs a Blog

April 30, 2019
Apartment rental companies from across the world are all seeing the benefit of implementing a blog section on their websites, and you can too. It may seem like a lot of effort and hard work to get one in motion, but it can be done quite efficiently with the right tools at your disposal. A […]

Why New Content is Essential to Being Found on Search Engines

April 30, 2019
Why is content marketing important for your business? 6 reasons why fresh new content is essential to add to your website and what it can do for your SEO.

Getting Your Feet Wet in the World of Affiliate Marketing: Pick the Right Niche in 4 Simple Steps

April 26, 2019
Affiliate marketing can be a blogger and marketer’s dream. When done correctly it can generate a substantial passive income, allowing you to pursue other projects while letting the revenue continue to pour in. However, getting to that comfortable stage takes time and key decisions. Very few affiliate marketers are truly successful. One of the main […]

Mobile Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

April 26, 2019
Companies that have made it big before the turn of the century are now household names. Think “Coke”, “Nestle”, “Kleenex”, etc. From a lot of customers to huge revenues yearly, they have got the complete package. Big businesses like this have the luxury of doing marketing solely to maintain the status-quo because they have no […]

How Email Marketing Can Help Increase SEO Results

April 25, 2019
It’s not something that’s immediately obvious but email marketing does impact SEO. However, this is often overlooked because each of these strategies exist in and involve different platforms, and because of this marketers don’t immediately consider getting them to work together....but they should! If you’re already engaged in email marketing, consider how it can impact […]

Smart Marketing Email Automation Tips

April 25, 2019
Running an ecommerce business can be quite time consuming. Fortunately, there are a number of tools you can use to automate repetitive processes such as parts of your marketing email effort. These smart email automation tips will help you ensure quality and effectiveness, even after you turn them over to a machine. The Email Should […]

Social Media Updates Through April 25th

April 25, 2019
Here's a Facebook-focused rundown this week on some of the important updates in social media, looking at new News Feed algorithms and Stories format.

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