Best YouTube to MP4 Converters in 2023

Best YouTube to MP4 Converters in 2023

YouTube, a global powerhouse in video sharing and streaming, has transformed how we consume media. Home to billions of videos, YouTube offers a diverse array of content, from music videos and film trailers to tutorials and vlogs. Downloading videos from YouTube for offline use can be challenging due to the platform's content protection policies. However, with the right tools, users can easily save their favorite music videos or tutorials for offline viewing. In this SnapDownloader article, we’re going to share our top selection of YouTube to MP4 converters that you can consider for your specific needs.

Benefits Of Using a YouTube To MP4 Converter

  • Offline Viewing: A YouTube to MP4 converter allows users to save YouTube videos for offline viewing or watch them on devices without a YouTube app.
  • Educational Purposes: Apart from entertaining videos, YouTube also offers educational content like lectures and research recordings. Converting these videos to MP4 format enables students to access them offline for educational purposes.
  • Cost-effective: Streaming videos online can be expensive, but with a YouTube to MP4 converter, users can download and watch their favorite videos whenever they want to without using data.
  • Multiple Device Compatibility: YouTube to MP4 converters allow users to convert YouTube files into preferred formats, making it easier to select a format compatible with their devices.

Best YouTube to MP4 Converter

1. SnapDownloader

Snap Source

SnapDownloader is a versatile video downloader that supports resolutions up to 8K. It allows you to download videos from over 900 websites, including popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and more.

You’ll be able to convert videos to various formats such as MP4, MP3, AVI, and enjoy them on any device. Furthermore, the in-built video trimmer allows for easier cutting and downloading of specific YouTube downloads portions.

Downloading videos is as easy as pasting the link, selecting the output format and quality, and clicking download.

Key Features

  • YouTube-compatible downloader: Easily convert or download YouTube videos into various formats, primarily utilized for downloading videos and music.
  • Versatile video downloader: SnapDownloader supports cross-platform use on Windows and macOS (with Ubuntu support coming soon).
  • Advanced features: Users can download VR videos, enjoy resolutions up to 8k, download YouTube playlists and channels, and perform batch downloads.
  • Additional functionality: The software supports scheduled downloads, audio extraction, proxy setup, and fast download speeds.
  • Video conversion and support: Users can convert videos to MP4 or MP3 formats and benefit from 24/7 customer support in case you run into any issues.

2. converter

Source is a web-based platform that offers a YouTube to MP4 downloader, as well as versatile video marketing features like video creation, editing, hosting, and live-streaming capabilities.

Key Features

  • Unlimited converts/downloads: No limitations on the number of YouTube to MP4 conversions.
  • Beginner-friendly:'s free YouTube to MP4 converter is a user-friendly tool for downloading and converting videos, even for beginners.
  • Multifunctional tool: It offers a versatile video marketing platform with a comprehensive set of tools for creating, editing, hosting, and live-streaming video content.

3. VidJuice UniTube



VidJuice UniTube is a versatile video downloader that provides a comprehensive solution for all video downloading needs. It offers cross-platform support, fast download speeds, and the ability to download videos in up to 8K resolution.

Key Features

  • Easy YouTube-compatible downloader: UniTube enables easy downloading of videos, audios, and playlists, catering to the needs of video and music enthusiasts.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: UniTube supports Windows, Mac, and Web versions. Thus, allowing for seamless video downloads to your computer, smartphone, or cloud storage.
  • High-resolution capacity: Enjoy premium viewing experiences with UniTube, as it supports resolutions up to 8K, 4K, HD, 1080p, and more.

4. iTubeGo



Effortlessly download videos from over 1,000 sites with iTubeGo. The tool also supports bulk downloads and channel-specific video saving.

Key Features

  • Easy YouTube download: Seamlessly download all videos from a specific YouTube channel without having to leave the platform.
  • Supports numerous sites: Easily download videos from over 1,000 different sites in case the video you’re looking for is not available on YouTube.
  • Bulk video downloads: Save time and effort by downloading multiple videos at once.

5. 4k Video Downloader+

4K Video downloader youtube to mp4 converter


4K Video Downloader is a highly acclaimed tool, trusted by millions worldwide for over 10 years, to effortlessly download videos from popular websites with its stable performance and numerous industry awards.

Key Features

  • Supports popular websites like YouTube: Easily download videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and more, making it convenient to save your favorite content.
  • High-quality downloads up to 8K resolution: Enjoy high-resolution downloads, including support for YouTube playlists and channels, ensuring you get the best viewing experience.
  • Subtitle extraction in SRT format: Extract subtitles from YouTube videos in SRT format, supporting over 50 languages. You can even extract subtitles from entire playlists or channels.

6. WinX HD



This video conversion tool offers versatile format conversion, advanced compression technology, and video editing capabilities. Thus, allowing users to enhance and optimize videos for easy sharing on social media.

Key Features

  • Versatile YouTube video format conversion: Convert videos with a balance between quality and speed, supporting popular formats such as MP4, MKV, AV1, HEVC, and more. Mostly used in downloading YouTube Videos.
  • Advanced compression technology: Reduce video file size by up to 90% without compromising visual quality, utilizing efficient codecs and compression techniques.
  • Video editing and optimization: Trim and cut videos to highlight desired parts, making them faster to upload on social media platforms.


Enjoying YouTube videos can be challenging when your internet connection is unstable. That's why we recommend downloading your favorite moments, ensuring timely access. Choosing the right YouTube to MP4 converter and downloader can be overwhelming. But, SnapDownloader is dedicated to meeting your needs with top-quality service.

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