Facebook Image Dimensions 2014 Updated

April 15, 2014
Need to know the details on 2014 Facebook Image Dimensions for your Page?  Want to know ALL image sizes, including ads? Jon Loomer has created a standout guide of all the image sizes in use on Facebook that every marketing person needs! This is simply the best resource we’ve seen compiled on Facebook’s dimensions and […]

The Beginner's Guide to Google+ with Ray Hiltz

April 10, 2014
Do you want to know more about the features of Google+ and how they can help your online business exposure thrive? Google+ is a growing power in social networking for businesses that should not be ignored.  More and more businesses are using it with ever-growing success. Because it is Google, it should not be taken […]

Tips on Monitoring Facebook Pages

April 9, 2014
I recently had a great question posed to me on my site.  I thought it had enough value that I should turn it into a blog post and share the question and my answers to all of you! So here we go! Inquiry: Hello Mike.....just discovered the podcast. I have a facebook question for you. […]

Add RSS-to-Email to your Blog to Increase Visitor Touch Points

April 8, 2014
Would you like to reach your site visitors again and again after they visit your blog? One way that businesses and organizations can increase readership of their blog posts and the touch points they have with visitor after the visit is by encouraging those visitors to subscribe to get new post alerts via email. The […]

Social ROI: How One Business Gained 414k in new business via Social and Digital Marketing

April 3, 2014
Do you want to increase your ROI on your social media and digital marketing efforts?  Would $414,000 in new business tracked back to your efforts in these areas be a positive? I dive into a client case study in this Halftime Mike podcast interview with Amanda Brazel! More About This Podcast Show The Halftime Mike […]

Social Media Marketing World Podcasters List #SMMW14

April 2, 2014
One of the highlights of Social Media Marketing World for me was the ability to connect ahead of time and in real life during the event with those that were podcasting or expressed interest in starting. We had a very active podcast discussion group on Social Media Examiner's LinkedIn Group prior to the event and this carried […]

7 Tips for Your Online Marketing Strategy

April 2, 2014
Here are 7 tips you can use and share socially that will help your business get back to the basics and realize what is important in digital marketing today. 1. In this day, your traffic can be 25-65% mobile user!  Even if it is only 25%, you want to give those users a good experience. […]

Opening Day Social Pros All-Stars baseball cards is an Attraction Social Marketing Example

March 31, 2014
I always talk about the need to make connections in your content marketing and social media.  Connections to current events, to people, to things others can identify with.  This is part of your "Attraction" marketing that needs to happen.  It personalizes your messages and gives you a way of engaging and providing content that connects […]

Instagram Business Marketing with Sue B Zimmerman

March 27, 2014
Do you use Instagram for your business? Are you wondering how and if Instagram can help your business marketing? To learn more about Instagram marketing, check-out my interview with Sue B. Zimmerman for this episode of the Halftime Mike Podcast. More About This Podcast Show The Halftime Mike podcast is a show designed to help busy owners […]

Content is King, Engagement is Queen, and Both Need Crowns!

March 26, 2014
  You've likely heard it said by Mari Smith, "Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house." "Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house." ♕ツ♛ #SMSS13 — Mari Smith (@MariSmith) October 1, 2013   The king and queen's defining characteristic is their crown. Royalty without a […]

Social Media Marketing World 2014 Best Tips and Notes #SMMW14

March 25, 2014
Social Media Marketing World 2014 , the largest social media conference in the world, was held Wednesday, March 26 through Friday, March 28, 2014 .  I was able to attend and I've captured some of my key takeaways from the wonderful event below.  I have both a podcast (created in the airport in Detroit, MI on a […]

Smartphone Apps for Editing Social Media Images

March 23, 2014
I've talked in past posts about the importance of using images in online media.  From the images on your website to using images in social media for your business, the bottom line is that images work. Photos tell a story at a glance and provide a much better method of drawing visitors in than does […]

Get your Business Socially Equipped! Attend the Purposeful Social Media Event Online

March 18, 2014
I’ve learned a few critical things about being more purposeful in using social media marketing for my business. If your not spending time and thought on social media you will struggle to get your name out there in a big way. If you don’t target your market, you will have zero success because you really […]

Pinterest Business Marketing: A Guide to Using Pinterest Better

March 13, 2014
Do you use Pinterest for your business? Are you wondering how Pinterest can help with your marketing? Pinterest is one of the most dominant sources of referral traffic to websites that exists online today!  To learn how to improve your Pinterest  marketing, listen to my interview with Cynthia Sanchez of for this episode of the Halftime […]

3 Key Elements of a Digital Marketing Strategy

March 11, 2014
Need more leads?  Trying to attract a wider audience?  The key is a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Most times when I'm invited to do consulting or a digital marketing audit, one of the first findings is that the marketing is splintered.  What is done on Facebook is not connected to the strategies used on the […]

How to Increase Productivity and Manage Tasks with Evernote and Lift Apps

February 27, 2014
Productivity.  We all need it.  How do you define it? For me, I'll define it as "Getting stuff done while maintaining sanity and balance!" In this digital age productivity can be fleeting with all the tweets, notifications, emails, and more coming at each of us!  There's a lot of noise and distractions.  Do you ever […]

How to use Social Media Amplification on your Website

February 25, 2014
4 Important Website Ingredients to Increase Social Media Amplification. A key value of social media for any business is the ability to reach more people.  Social Media can be an "amplifier" that helps extend exposure of your business to more people. This "amplification" happens when your website content is shared on multiple social networks such […]

Facebook -Is it Right for your Business? Phyllis Khare Interview

February 20, 2014
While the majority of  small and medium sized businesses understand the value of social media as a integrated part of their digital marketing plan, there are questions that remain such as: What social networks should our business focus on? Everyone seems to be on Facebook, should our business focus on Facebook only? If not Facebook, […]

4 Ways Businesses can Maximize Facebook

February 18, 2014
Facebook offers EVERY business, whether a restaurant, service, retailer, or manufacturer a great way to stay in touch with their customers and find new ones because it's WHERE PEOPLE SPEND TIME! They spend on average 20 minutes each time they login! source: zephoria    The key is in providing great value and timely information! By offering regular, […]

Doable Digital Marketing

February 14, 2014
Doable Digital Marketing is my latest Halftime Mike Podcast episode. Are you ever overwhelmed with your digital "to do" list? So much content to consume and so many posts to write on your site and social media that you are getting lost in the whirlwind and not being productive? It's a fact, content continues to […]

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