Overcome the Facebook Contest Mobile User Issue


Facebook Mobile use is up significantly...

but Facebook mobile user access to tabs on fan pages remains a dilemma.

TabSite has a solution.



Facebook's iPhone and Android Apps, as well as their mobile version for all smartphones, do not incorporate custom tab app links into the Page menu. The latest design revision incorporates "Like", "Check In", and related items depending on page type but no access to tab apps that are live on the desktop/notebook version of the Facebook page. As well, if mobile users have the custom tab app URL and click on it, Facebook will not display the tab content. For example, try this URL on a mobile device: . Mobile users, which account for over 55% of daily Facebook traffic [and growing] would normally be left out and have a bad user experience (Page not found) when Pages post a link to their app in their News Feed. It would seem logical that Facebook would realize it is in the best interest of users, app developers, and their own interests, that they release a solution to this, but they haven't.


HOWEVER, with TabSite this is not so!  All TabSite users have access per tab and sub-page to generate a mobile friendly Smart url that can be used to direct traffic to the custom tab. TabSite offers users the ability to create a Smart, (mobile friendly) URL per tab so that users on ANY devices can access your Facebook Page tabs.  This Smart  URL, when used in a Timeline posts, tweets, on your website or blog detects the browser as a mobile or PC and then takes the viewer to the correct view, PC or mobile for the tab.  There is no need to design two different tabs or use two different links, simply use the Smart, mobile friendly, URL offered to all users in the TabSite Manager and we do the work of showing the appropriate view for your tab! Desktop viewers continue to have the same experience of viewing the custom tab on Facebook when they click on the Smart, mobile friendly url. mobile Find out more about TabSite & sign-up for a FREE 14 Day Trial >>  TabSite Plans



Facebook mobile use will only continue to grow. It's important that your Facebook Marketing uses solutions that work across devices, whether mobile, tablet, or desktop/notebook.

BOOST Facebook fan engagement with quick-setup, socially engaging TabSite Engagement Apps for your fan page! 

Engagement Apps add a custom, socially engineered tab to your Facebook Page. Each Engagement App includes a simple setup process and multiple social sharing tools. Customize text to your language and brand with your images!

BONUS - Advanced tools such as lead capture, exportable entries, and a special embeddable website image call-out for websites and blogs help drive visitors to your Facebook tab are available at the Platinum Plan level. Gold and Platinum Plans also include a Like Gate option for fan gating.

View the available options below and start engaging your fans today! For complete instructions and details on each App, visit Engagement Apps Setup.

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