Key Insights for your Facebook Marketing: Facebook Page Insights

Key Insights for your Facebook Marketing: Facebook Page Insights

Facebook may attract criticism for everything from constantly changing rules for marketers to questionable privacy settings to possible political biases in its news headlines. But even with the occasional grumbling, massive amounts of people are still there regularly each day!

Its worldwide user's number over 3 billion, making it the world's most dominant social network. If you want to build loyalty with your existing Facebook fans and build new customers, you don’t need to contact every single Facebook user, since many users in other parts of the world aren’t likely going to be interested in your products or services at all.

So the goal is to reach people who are more likely to be your customers: they could live in the community you serve or are at least are interested in what you bring to the market.

Lucky for you, Facebook is excellent at segmenting audiences and keeping track of how many people view and interact with your posts. Facebook Page Insights doesn’t let you drill as deep or go as far back in time as Google Analytics but does provide some key high points for review.

Here are some Facebook Insight terms worth knowing:

  • Getting to Insights

While anyone should be able to see your company’s posts in their newsfeed or when they search for your page, only admins can see the behind-the-scenes details like your traffic and engagement. Delegate this to others in your company who might be posting on or maintaining your page. Don’t be too liberal with giving admin privileges – only allow trusted individuals to have these privileges. Once your admins are authorized, click on “View Insights” on the left menu.

  • Engagement

If a Facebook user saw your page or recent posts, what did they do?

Facebook keeps track of all of this activity. Did they ‘like’ it? Likes are a base level. They show someone cared enough about your post to react. Likes and reaction can be a minimal barometer since they are terms that even those barely familiar with Facebook understand. However, they don’t weigh as heavily in your overall stats as shares or comments. Shares extend your reach and comments signal enough interest to engage.

  • Fan reach

You should always have a message on your online and offline marketing to “like us on Facebook.” That means people who click “like” on your page, not individual posts, will sometimes be able to see your posts in their news feed. However, Facebook is notorious for their algorithm which makes it a competitive journey to try and get posts seen.
Tip to the wise:  I just saw a van for a DJ Service that had  “Like us on Facebook” on the side….Problem was they didn’t list the Facebook URL!  Make it EASY for people.

  • Organic reach

This number refers to how many people saw or reacted to a post by deliberately visiting your page. Facebook breaks this number down between fans or non-fans.  You can get higher traffic by boosting individual posts or your entire page, which means you pay extra to have it sent to a larger population or higher percentage of fans. This may be useful to spread the word further for a specific promotion but won’t count as organic.

  • Click-throughs

This measures how much people not just react to a post but actually click on it. This is where you get page activity and website traffic.

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