Metrics to Measure the Success of your Facebook Marketing

Metrics to Review to Measure the Success of your Facebook Marketing

Facebook offers businesses a lot of value in ways to market to your target customer audience. The key, however, is for businesses to measure the success of their Facebook marketing to ensure they know what is working, what isn't, and what needs adjusted.

So what is a business to measure on Facebook? Of course there are the Facebook page "Likes", but is that enough? Basically, the answer is no. Likes have some merit and value, but are only one part of a larger series of stats that should be reviewed.

Likes are Basic

"Liking" is a base level of Facebook user connection to your business on Facebook.

The "Like" has turned into a commodity really, it's simply a commonly accepted way of showing volume of interest by Facebook users in a Page. It’s a basic metric to show that a Page audience is growing, even though there are more precise ways to track interest in the Facebook page and ultimately the overall main site.

For businesses interested in how their page is performing – or showing higher-ups that all of this new social network stuff is a smart course for the company – there are a variety of ways to track performance and interest and it all be can viewed from within the Facebook Page Insights area.

Metrics to Review to Measure the Success of your Facebook Marketing

Here are some breakdowns of metrics to watch and their purposes on Facebook

  • Likes.

This is the number of people who click the “Like” and agree to receive updates from your Facebook page in their news feed. They won’t see all your updates, since Facebook's algorithms decide on what is the most desired content to see per user. However, a business can always pay to boost a post so that it appears higher in your audience’s news feed and gets more views. Liking a Facebook page has been compared to signing a guest book – you only have to check the Facebook page once. It's the starting point and baseline. A growing and active page will have continual growth in fans.

  • Reach.

One of the large challenges businesses face on Facebook is how many people see anything related to your page, such as a post or an ad. Watching the reach stats can show how many unique people saw it, whether it was your initial post, or a boosted post. If your post ended up being shared, the reach can show how many people saw the post.

As well, by drilling down to Post Reach, a Page Admin can evaluate the power of different types of posts by comparing link posts to photo posts, or by watching the time of day that posts get the most reach. This is a metric to watch for evaluating when and what types of posts you share on Facebook.Metrics to Review to Measure the Success of your Facebook Marketing

  •  Engagement.

If a ‘like’ is considered a passive acknowledgement of your page’s existence, engagement is the active acknowledgement of value.

Engagement shows that someone feels strongly enough to do something about it, such as post a comment, join a discussion or share a post with their Facebook friends. This metric doesn’t just keep track of how many people have something to say about a particular update, but how many people click-through on a link to the original site. This is the ultimate goal of many businesses – get people interested in the discussions and conversations taking place on the social networking site, get them excited about your products and services, and then drive them to your website, where hopefully their connection will lead them to ultimately become customers.

  • Recent posts.

Like Google Analytics, you can go back to track overall site performance and overall growth. But most interesting is the ability to compare current and past time periods. You can see internal and external information, such as which posts drew the largest responses.

  • Pages to watch.

Facebook allows page admins to see how their page performs in comparison to similar pages.

This could be useful to site owners who own a variety of sites, or businesses just getting started with social media and may appreciate specific examples of how their peers and completion are doing in relation to engaging readers and bringing in larger audiences.

That's a quick wrap on Facebook stats for your business Page to review. The key is to go beyond the "Like" and start drilling into the finer details to see what is happening with your Page and Posts. You want to track over time and review the details so you can sharpen your approach to what is getting the most traction and impact. Facebook marketing is not a "once and done" or "set it and leave it" thing. It's active and changing, and you need to stay with it to see results!

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