Opening Day Social Pros All-Stars baseball cards is an Attraction Social Marketing Example


I always talk about the need to make connections in your content marketing and social media.  Connections to current events, to people, to things others can identify with.  This is part of your "Attraction" marketing that needs to happen.  It personalizes your messages and gives you a way of engaging and providing content that connects with our events going on.

Jay Baer of Convince and Convert, as well as author of Youtility, does a great job of connecting with the 0pening day of Major League Baseball by rolling out his "Social Pros All-Stars" as baseball cards!

Jay hosts a Podcast called,  Social Pros podcast, where he and his co-hosts  interview a social media professional about their day-to-day work and successes.  After 110+ episodes, they've gathered together 27 All-Stars from big B2C brands to provide a handy reference for the education and employment history of some of America’s leading social media professionals, with interesting facts and their best advice for aspiring social media managers.



Content marketing is not about pushing your products and services over and over.  It's about finding natural ways to connect and engage you audience.  This is a great example because it does the following:

1. Ties in to a current event

2. Connects the offering (the podcast) to the current event

3. Offers a creative and unique method to tell the story of the people they have interviewed (using baseball cards)


Well done Jay and team!   

View the full post here: Career paths and top tips from 27 big company social media professionals


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