New Business Owners: What to DIY and When to Hire an Expert

New Business Owners: What to DIY and When to Hire an Expert

As a new business owner, it's no secret that it's important to keep costs low in the early days. There are many tasks that business owners can handle themselves, but there are several that are better to hire an expert to handle. Take a look at what we recommend to do yourself and what to hire an expert for.

Sales: DIY

At least in the early days of your business, you should be able to do your own sales yourself; after all, what your business is selling is your baby! You’re probably a bigger advocate for what you sell than anyone else out there. And with the help of someone like an eCommerce SEO agency, the inbound leads would be rolling in.

Starting off your business by doing sales yourself will not only help you keep costs down, but often the passion the owner has for what they are doing is far greater than anyone they can hire. Passion translates into effective sales.

Payroll: Hire an Export

If there is one thing you don’t want to mess up, it’s what you owe Uncle Sam. If you are a sole proprietor then you may be able to handle your own taxes. The moment you hire an employee though is the moment you should hire a payroll processor. Don’t get on the wrong side of the IRS, make the choice to hire an expert for your taxes!

Social Media Marketing: DIY

One area of marketing that is usually more effective when DIY’ed is social media. Social media marketing should offer a glimpse into the personality of your company and be relevant and timely. That can be hard for an outside contractor to do for you.

As your business grows out of infancy though there is no harm in hiring a social media manager. In the early days, however, managing your own social media can really give it a needed personal touch.

Online Advertising: Hire an Expert

The top ways to advertise online are social media ads and Google ads - both of which are difficult to do well. In order to truly spend your advertising dollars effectively, you will likely need the help of an expert.

Not only are online ad platforms difficult to learn how to use but you can also waste a lot of money quickly if you do not build your campaigns in a strategic way. By taking away the guessing game of you doing it solo and, instead, hiring an expert, to help with ECommerce SEO services it can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

There Does Come a Time to Stop DIYing

As your business grows, there will come a time where you need to learn how to delegate. While DIYing it can get you through the early years, it will become a problem if as you grow if you always insist on doing everything yourself. Don’t be afraid to loosen the reins a bit as your business grows and hire a team or remote help!

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