Most Reliable Internet Options in the United States

Most Reliable Internet Options in the United States

Still dreaming of having the fastest internet for your home, but could not find the right deal? You might have come across a number of Internet Service Providers, but the plans, data caps, bundles, and pricing are a few things that put you in a state of confusion. Every internet user needs an internet connection that offers high-speed internet, friendly customer support, and promos and deals. However, with almost the same offerings by every service provider, it becomes challenging to opt for the best internet options.

Worry not, because in this post we are going to curate some of the fastest and most reliable cable internet options in the U.S. Let’s have a look at them.


Spectrum is also one of the fastest cable internet options you can opt for if you live in the United States. Currently, Spectrum covers over 44 states and the major areas include New York, California, and Texas. Cable internet services by Spectrum offer coverage to almost 102.7 million people, listing it as the second-largest residential cable provider in the United States.

Customer reviews from 64,748 customers, 49.9% of users were holding positive reviews and favorable ratings for the provider. Spectrum has successfully ranked on top of the charts for Netflix users, placing it at number five position in 2018.

The best thing about Spectrum Internet is that it has well-defined and easy-to-understand pricing plans as compared to other service providers. If you are subscribing the cable services for the first time, Spectrum is surely a great deal to opt for. It not only offers high-speed internet but also offers discounts on TV and phone bundles. Imagine paying three different bills that cost more than what is offered by Spectrum in one money-saving deal.


Mediacom Cable is the biggest internet provider in the United States and operating since 1995. Each Mediacom internet package comes with its own set of perks and varies largely on download speeds. Mediacom is not only offering internet services but also offer phone and digital TV services. At present Mediacom’s delivers services in 22 states.

Mediacom mainly delivers its services over cable lines that are commonly used for broadband today. In terms of speed, Mediacom’s cable network is based on fiber, which works pretty well and offers good value for money.

According to the customer reviews from 9,090 people, the company had successfully earned a 42.6% approval rating. The figure might not seem to be very pleasing, but if you look at the average provider rating by the consumer broadband industry, it accounts for 48.3%.

The best features of Mediacom are the packages it offers for affordable prices. Mediacom’s advertised speed versus actual speed is quite satisfactory. For instance, the advertised speed by Mediacom is 60Mbps while the actual speed is around 78.19Mbps. Whereas, 100Mbps advertised speed delivers an average speed of 106.98Mbps, which is quite above the satisfactory level.


Cox communication is the third-biggest cable provider in the United States. Not only it offers high-speed internet, but it also delivers cable TV and home phone to more than 22 million people countrywide.

Cox offers internet services in 18 different states and some of the major areas include San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Oklahoma, New Orleans, and Omaha.  Cox offers a wide range of plans for its subscribers ranging from 10Mbps to 1,000Mbps.

Talking about the speed offered by Cox, it isn’t the fastest internet option in the United States but somehow it manages to deliver the fastest internet in the suburban areas. As you may know that Fiber is the fastest option available when it comes to speed and bandwidth. However, Cox has not yet been able to cover all the areas to offer high-speed internet through fiber.

Cox plans are normally advertised according to the download speed. However, most of the subscribers do not realize that the upload speeds are much slower than the download speed. The reason is due to the availability of limited bandwidth in coaxial wires that Cox uses to deliver their services.

Internet Service Providers including Cox usually prioritize download speeds instead of upload speeds. It is because upload speeds are not important for video services. If you really want to know the upload speeds, Cox delivers up to 5Mbps speed, which is quite ideal for an average internet user.


Choosing the fastest cable internet options in the United States is quite challenging. We have compiled the list to help you out in opting for the best services. By thinking critically and researching well you will be able to enjoy high-speed internet without worrying about glitches and interruptions. Whether you want to download big files, stream HD movies, edit videos or play online games, make sure to opt for any of the above-mentioned cable internet service providers.

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