Magnet Marketers: Social Media Updates


Magnet Marketners: 9 Trends for Social Media in 2017If there is one thing you can count on in the social media world, it’s that platforms never stay the same

Social media platforms update so often that the only thing you can count on consistently is change. If these sites sit still, they’ll lose out to the competition. New features, upgrades, and service additions are how they keep up their pace. However, this also means you need to constantly adapt your social media marketing tactics.

Facebook Updates

Your Facebook inbox is about to grow 3 sizes, because Facebook Pages, Instagram, and your Facebook Messenger messages are going to the same unified inbox. The tabbed interface makes it easy to switch between different message and information types.

Businesses pages now have a Jobs tab, designed to help companies connect with qualified candidates. The application process is streamlined and pulls information from the person’s Facebook profile to make it an easy task.

A new Facebook acquisition may let you like posts by smiling at your smartphone. FacioMetrics is an app that detects your emotions by looking at your face through the camera. You can add face masks to Facebook live and other video broadcasts.

Instagram Updates

Instagram is getting in on the live streaming trend. You can stream up to an hour and let all your followers know what you’re up to. Direct messages get a slight tweak this time around. You can send disappearing images and videos through direct messaging, which functions the same way as Snapchat.

Pinterest Updates

Pinterest’s application has a new section in the Explore category. This social media site leverages algorithms and trending content to present relevant pins that match what users enjoyed previously. A “Tried It” button lets Pinterest users indicate which DIY crafts and recipes they attempted.

Periscope Updates

The Super Fans feature gives Periscope users the opportunity to reach specific audiences for their live streams. Your biggest fans are the ones who interact with your content the most often, and the top 10 are marked as super fans. Now you’re able to create groups so you can develop a community on this platform.