Lumen5: A Video Creation Platform

Lumen5_-A-Video-Creation-Platform-315You can have a wealth of well written and researched blog postings, however, getting people to stop and read them can be a challenge. Lumen5 can convert blogs and web pages into videos making them engaging and helping your work stand out. It’s almost important to consider since right now video content is performing better on social media than text and links.

What Lumen5 Does

Lumen5 converts your blog post into video frames each with a different portion of text and pictures. Images can be selected automatically by the software or edit it by hand and move around the text as needed. Lumen5 is helpful for several reasons. First, reuse existing content without starting completely over. Second, Lumen5 is easier to use than many other video editing platforms. The majority of them have a steep learning curve.

General Pros And Cons


  • The free media library offers a lot of content (over 10,00,000 files) and the highest price tier adds 1,000,000 more.
  • Easy to use even if you’re not an expert in video editing.
  • A fast way to add video content to your website or Youtube page.
  • Low cost versus other subscription video editing options with a free pricing tier also available.
  • Regular software updates.


  • Limited choice of video formats. However, it does support .mp4 and .mov formats which are the most widely used video formats.
  • Not quite as flexible as traditional video editing software when it comes to personalization.
  • Rendering takes time but this is common for all software of this type.
  • Not much variety concerning text animation and customization features currently but updates are ongoing.
  • No ability to record audio as you make a video. For example, you can’t create a live narration as you make the video.

Pricing Model

Lumen5 offers three different pricing tiers basic, pro, and business. The basic pricing tier is free but does offer a lot of useful features, video creation of 480p videos, automatic media matching, a large library of free media, and the ability to upload your own logo, videos, and photos.

The pro tier ($49 per month) adds square videos, 720p video quality, more fonts, and the ability to add your own outro and watermark. It also removes the credit screen and Lumen5 branding.

The business tier (starting at $99 per month for one user) adds the ability to upload your own music and fonts, use letterboxing, premium media content, brand presets, multiple users, and create 1080p quality videos.

Is Lumen5 For You?

If you’re looking for an affordable way to create video content and engage more people, Lumen5 offers you an easy way to make your information stand out and reach more people. With the free pricing tier, just sign up to try the software. If it fits your video needs, a paid account offers access to more features.


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