The Keys to Engagement

The Keys to Engagement-315Mastering the ropes of “Attraction” content and engaging your leads is not only a priority but also critical. Unlike attracting audiences, engagement with audiences takes less time and but is quite sensitive. You'll need to follow up on your brand’s reviews and questions and suggestions on social media to help you narrow in on your specific audience.

Don't worry if you have no idea how to engage your leads ... yet. I outline everything you need to know about engagement in this article. Continue reading!

What is Engagement?

How you respond and react with your community is defined as Engagement. It's an art that happens on your website and social media platforms. It involves:

  • Acknowledging
  • Responding
  • Offering support
  • Answering questions

I acknowledge the following 3 key traits a brand must have to be “Engaging”:

  • Timely
  • Helpful
  • Authentic

An engaging brand is human. It's only possible if you:

  • Care
  • Show attentiveness
  • Show warmth

Why Is Engagement Important?

With the arrival of technology, engaging your leads is a game changer for your business. Not every lead is ready to purchase immediately but engaging with them can lure them into buying earlier than intended or making a decision to buy when they had no intention.

Supply them with a variety of points of contact to help them know you better and increase trust and like you and your brand. Despite the 7 points of contact, we can't rule out engagement. It falls within positions 2-6 of the “connection” process and contributes a lot to making a sale.

Disregarding Engagement Opportunity

Overlooking and ignoring engagement is a disaster in the making. Ignoring this blessing in disguise and embracing old-school marketing methods as billboards and magazines lead to frustration and low sales. Today, social media ranks on top in marketing. For people to do business with you or purchase your products, they have to like you. The “like” mentality gets built through interaction. To be a successful marketer, get committed on social media and respond to all mentions and comments.

Tips for More Engagement

  1. Download at least two social media apps to your mobile device to notify you when your brand receives comments and reviews.
  2. Post at least 50% of your content on social platforms as a campaign to Attract and Engage your audience. Initiate interaction by inviting feedback.
  3. Always respond on time. If you're not available, make it known to your audience you will get back as soon as possible.
  4. Reply to all your comments on Facebook. Include @mention of the sender while replying on Twitter.
  5. “Follow” a commenter on Twitter and Instagram. With the notification sent to them on their smartphones, it is a no-brainer. It’s a fantastic form of engagement. Your business gets to build a top of mind connection.
  6. Use Videos to engage. As they say, pictures speak louder than words! The power of videos as a tool for engaging on social media is stunning. Create a short video that invites a response as you ask questions. It’s easy. By use of a mobile phone, log into your social media account like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and post the video.

It’s incredible how live videos in Periscope and Facebook have become a magnet for many audiences. Live videos take you to where your clients are, and you get to engage them directly. Isn’t it incredible? Here's a list of some topics when live on video:

  • Recent updates
  • Industry updates and news
  • Invite questions
  • Create time for questions and answers

Videos reach the audience 3 times faster than posts on Facebook. Here is an engagement post example that starts with a simple question:

“We love beer brand from San Diego craft. Do You?” The question begs for engagement and as expected the fans response was overwhelming. The example got sourced from Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina’s Facebook page. The fact that the Facebook page got flooded with so many comments emphasizes that “Engagement” is the KEY to lead capture techniques.


Social media success has no shortcut. You have to be ready and very committed. It might appear to be an uphill task, but the results are rewarding and send you straight to the bank smiling. Just like a two-way street, both you and your audience have to engage for mutual benefit. You have to create an impressive rapport. Then connect to help your leads to know you better and build trust in you.


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