The Key to Closing More Sales [Blab]

The Key to Closing More Sales - 600

Are you struggling to close sales?

What's the number one key to selling? People must first buy into you before they buy your product or service. You have influence.

The impression you give a potential buyer is critical to their decision-making. The impression you give is more important than anything people hear about your services or products. Show your leads that you're an expert, they'll trust your knowledge, and you'll close more sales.

Here are some tips from our Blab on the keys to closing more sales.

Be Well-Versed on Your Products or Services and Your Industry

Humans love genuine interaction. If your sales presentation sounds overly scripted, then you'll fail to connect on this basic level, and your prospect won't be likely to trust you.

Know your product inside and out. Know how your product will solve your client's problems. Your presentation should be engaging, and present relevant facts and real-life examples of how your product makes life easier.

You have to be passionate about your product, and let your passion and expertise shine during your presentation. If you aren't passionate or don't know what you're talking about, why would anyone trust you or buy from you?

Know How You Stand Out from Competitors

Price shouldn't be the only way you stand out. Tell your potential clients how your product or service can't be matched by anyone else. Show the differences between you and the competitors. Become an expert on the competition's products, so you can clearly explain why yours is better.

You should have the most industry knowledge in the room when speaking with customers.

Another good strategy is to anticipate what your potential customers will ask. Prepare ahead of the meeting so your presentation will provide all the information that your potential customer wants to know. Be ready to present solutions focused on their needs.

Two-Way Communication

There's a lot of psychology in sales. Customers buy based on the way you make them feel. Your goal is to make your potential customers confident in you and your product. If your leads have confidence in you, they're likely to buy from you.

However, you should never be too pushy. If you rush people to make a decision, they'll feel like you are just trying to make a sale, instead of trying to help them. People need time to make important decisions.

You also need to be empathetic. Listen to the problems and concerns your leads have, and show them how your product will give them a better experience.

Build Relationships

Partnership produces sales. Your leads have problems that you can solve, and you can work together to build a solution. Build trusting relationships with your leads, and empower them with your product.

Here's the full blab with Jessika, and me. Enjoy!

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