The Last Inch - Closing the Sale Tip

This is a good, quick read from the Six Month Alternative MBA site (SAMBA).  It is important that the customer is moved!!!  Read on....

The Last Inch

Sales is a fascinating subject. You can get inundated with material about qualifying, prospecting, small talk, confidence, opening, handling objections, spinning stories, asking questions, etc. Let's not forget closing - always be closing.

We spend an inordinate amount of time, energy, and space talking about closing. Rightfully so, we focus on getting a customer to sign on the dotted line.

That dotted line, no more than a few inches long is the final destination of a long sales journey. Customers' hearts beat faster as they approach the last inch. Their breathing changes. Some sweat. A very real physical change or turbulence sets in, however short lived that might be.

When that moment of truth nears, your job is to make the prospect feel either very very uncomfortable or very very comfortable. If you haven't changed his physiology enough, he will likely not be closed.

By uncomfortable, you're creating an emergency, a sense of urgency. You're playing on scarcity and the human desire not to miss out on a good deal.

By extreme comfort, you're creating a situation of familiarity. You're almost a friend, or at least a friendly face. Or you've painted your solutions to his problems as so natural and insignificant a buy.

Just don't live in the middle with unchanged customers. Always seek to change your customer.

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