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Videos have become more than an indivisible part of human life. Today, it is a very valuable promotion tool. According to reports by Social Media Today, Facebook gets an estimated 8 billion video views every day. In other statistics by SmallBizTrends, internet video traffic constitutes 80 percent of all internet traffic. Videos help to create better engagement and yield better digital marketing results in the form of shares, lead generation, and sales. We review the tool InVideo for creating marketing videos.

To create quality and engaging video content for your audience, you need to find the right tools for the job. InVideo is a video creation tool with uses such as storytelling, creating promo videos, Instagram stories, listicles, and video ads. Renowned brands such as Sony Music, Rebel Foods, and Snapdeal use the tool to create professional videos and quality content for their websites. Marketers prefer to use this tool due to its ease of use.

The key is that you do not need to be a video professional to create professional-quality videos anymore! InVideo gives you loads of powerful tools, music, and layouts to customize videos you upload or stock videos they offer. It brings the power of professional video editing to the average business marketer!

How to Create Great Content Quick and Easy Using InVideo

If you are looking to create video content that will impress your audience, InVideo can be a great solution. It gives you quick and easy options for creating quality content all from a nice online interface. Here are 3 tools that make InVideo effortless to use.

1. An Extensive Library of Quality Videos and Images

InVideo has a library with over 1 million images and videos, which makes it easy for you to be able to combine clips and images to create your story. The library also suggests videos and images for your content saving you hours of searching for the correct image or video. You can browse through the library and only import the videos that you need to share your story and create fresh content for your audience.

2. Plenty of Templates

They have flexible templates that’ll make your video creation process easier. With the wide range of ready-made templates, music, and footage, it’ll only need the time you take to drink a coffee to come up with fantastic content. Furthermore, templates eliminate the need for specialized skills or training for quality video creation. On top of having fun exploring the beautiful templates, it will save you money from paying professionals to make videos for your website or social media.

3. Intuitive AI and Features for Creating Videos

One of the amazing features of InVideo is the ability to create videos automatically. With this feature, you can create videos from existing blog posts. If you would love to create a video based on a particular article, select that post. The tool will scan the article then assign videos and images from the library relevant to your content: it’s that effortless. You always have the option to adjust and edit your video to tell the story the way you want.

How Much Will It Cost You to Get for Video Creation?

The pricing structure for this tool is flexible and covers the varying needs of users.  At sign up, you are get five free videos every month in 720p resolution. There are three different tiered packages, the starter, professional, and enterprise.

1. Starter

The starter pack costs $20 per month, and it allows you to create up to 10 videos every month in 720p resolution. It comes with over 100 ready-made templates and allows you to create videos up to 3 minutes long.

2. Professional

The professional package has features such as 1080p resolution, over 100 ready-made templates, video length of up to 3 minutes, and the ability to create 30 videos every month. The professional pack is priced at $50 per month.

3. Enterprise

The enterprise pack is designed for organizations and is priced at $100 per month. The video resolution for this package is also 1080p, and you have the ability to make 60 videos every month. The library contains over 1 million images, and you are able to make videos up to 10 minutes long. Additionally, this package supports up to 3 users on the single plan.

All of the packages are billed annually. Moreover, upgrading your plan can be done at any time, even in the middle of the billing cycle.

In summary, using for creating marketing videos provides you with the flexibility that you need to create amazing video content. It has several helpful features that make your video creation process quick and enjoyable. The pricing model also ensures that the video creation needs of every user are met.

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