How to Use YouTube Premieres for Business


In traditional television and movie history, a premiere was the introduction of a movie to the audience for the first time. In today’s video-on-demand (VOD) culture, the need for a premiere is still the same. What has changed is the medium and the method through which the audience experiences it.

When YouTube introduced its premiere feature, it was an acknowledgment of the platform’s significance as a video consumption point for many people. Consequently, businesses can now tap into the benefits of creating a buzz around their upcoming content. Here’s a brief introduction of YouTube premieres and how it can help your business.

What Is a YouTube Premiere?

YouTube premieres is a feature that allows you to play pre-recorded content live, enabling your viewers to watch the new release of a video together. Unlike movie or television premieres which are solely based around watching a new movie or show, YouTube premieres incorporate other Livestream elements as well.

A premiere will offer the audience a chance to set a reminder for when the new video will be released. It will announce the time the video will start running on your channel and appear in feeds before it starts airing. Unlike a traditional premiere event, YouTube premiere offers a live chat room where your viewers can communicate.

Since none of them can skip ahead, your viewers can’t spoil the show for each other. In addition to talking with each other, your viewers can also make donations much like they can in standard Livestream.

How Do You Set up a Premiere?

To set up a premiere, you must be using a desktop computer or a laptop.

Click on the video camera icon at the top of your YouTube page. Select the schedule option and choose a sub-option to classify your video.

Next, you will have to select the video to upload. If it’s public, then the premiere will start once the video finishes uploading. Note that you can’t premiere private or unlisted videos. On the following page, toggle on the premiere and add the date and time. After uploading, you should click the premiere option on the top right corner of the page.

When the premiere starts, there will be a public watch face that counts down two minutes, and then your viewers will start watching the video together. Your viewers can chat while watching the video. When it ends, you can disable the chat, but any viewers wishing to replay the premiere can do so.

How to Use YouTube Premieres for Business

YouTube premiere is a versatile feature that can help your business perform various functions. Here are some examples.

1. Product Launch

YouTube premiere can help build the buzz during a product launch by piquing peoples’ curiosity surrounding the mysterious new item. That build-up of anticipation will help to buoy your product on launch day successfully.

2. Training

The reminder feature on premiere will help different staff members working on various time tables sync their calendars in readiness for the training event. Using premiere, you can get them all at the same time and conduct a productive session, no matter where the employees are.

3. A Regular Show

YouTube premiere can help spread the word about your show, thereby getting more people to watch it. It also enables the viewers to interact via live chat resulting in a positive brand experience.

4. Consistent News Updates

With YouTube premiere, you can regularly remind viewers to catch up on news updates every time they see the reminder countdown in their feed.

Let More People See Your Video

As an entrepreneur, you have various needs that call for creating and circulate video content. From training sessions to product launches, you need as many people as possible to be aware of your videos and watch them.

Set up YouTube premieres when you want to release your company’s videos to help draw attention to it and create anticipation for your new product or show.

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