YouTube SEO Guide: Optimizing the Text Components


Every YouTube marketer knows the importance of optimizing your videos for search ranking. But do you know how to actually optimize the videos? Do you know what tweaks could help you rise to the top of Google search results and get your content among the featured videos? YouTube SEO Guide: Optimizing Text Components. That’s what we want to discuss today.

Unsurprisingly, there are several things you can do to boost your video’s SEO. These include;

Write a keyword-rich, easy-to-understand video title

When it comes to titles, there’s little room for error. Forget creativity. You need to get practical. Instead of looking for fancy video titles, focus on using titles that will get you in as many search results as possible. One way to determine if your title is worthwhile is to type it in the YouTube search bar. See what types of videos come up. It is also a good idea to pay attention to YouTube’s auto-fill suggestions. These suggestions can help you find a good title for your video.

Write a longer, more helpful description

Often one line of text is all that you’ll find in most YouTube video descriptions. This won’t help you reach your SEO goals. To feature in as many search results as possible, you need to write longer, more detailed descriptions. If you need an entire paragraph to drive your point home, so be it. Also, remember to sprinkle the description with relevant keywords. It makes it easier for YouTube algorithms to find your videos.

Add timestamps to the video

You might be wondering what timestamps have to do with SEO. Well, digital consumers love fresh, relevant content. No one wants to watch a 20-minute video on something that may not be helpful anymore.

For instance, no one cares about the Google Panda update anymore, unless you have something new to say about it. Adding timestamps allows your audience to quickly decide if the video would solve their current needs and also allows them to jump to sections of the video that interest them the most.

Include relevant links

If your offer or the products you’re selling reside on an external website or a different social media network, leaving links in the video or the description to these resources is critical. Without the links, if one of the viewers is interested in your offers, they have to manually search for your website on Google, which often feels like too much work to some people. Links in the text description area allow any interested viewers to check out your offers and products with the click or tap of a button.

Add tags

YouTube tags are words and phrases you can include in your YouTube video’s description. Although many marketers ignore them, the tags can help viewers understand your video’s topic and category, and amplify the video's reach. We recommend making the first tag your keyword. For other tags, consider using broad keywords that describe the topic of your video. Some great YouTube tag generator tools include; Keyword Keg,, and VidIQ.

Name the video file appropriately

Once you’ve created your video and it’s ready to be uploaded on YouTube, it’s vital that you assign the video file an appropriate name to boost your SEO. Random file names such as Mov001.avi or New.mp4 make it difficult to rank your video since YouTube won’t have sufficient information to decide when to show the video in search results. Instead, assign the file an easily identifiable name such as your-main-keyword.mp4.  Need ways to download videos?  Consider this free YouTube to Mp3 downloader as a good option.

These six tips on YouTube SEO Guide: optimizing text components, alone may not get your video to the number one spot in YouTube searches for your industry. However, without a doubt, they will make your videos easier for search engines and therefore more visible to YouTube users.

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