Instagram and Facebook Updates for January 4th

Instagram and Facebook Updates for January 4th
Happy New Year! I hope you have set your goals and are organized to achieve them in 2018.

Even though the changes slowed down over the holidays  … there are still a few to share in the ever-evolving world of social media marketing!

Facebook Updates

Facebook Adds a Snooze Button

This new Facebook feature will snooze people, pages, and groups for 30 days. Account users now have more control over their newsfeed.


This is an issue for businesses. Now that organic reach is down to practically nothing, anything that keeps a businesses posts from being seen is not good.  People can “snooze” you if they’re tired of your content!  Up your content game with video in 2018!

Find Out if You’ve Liked Russian Troll Accounts

Sign into your Facebook account and go to this tool, Instantly you can see if you followed any Russian Troll Accounts


This doesn’t affect businesses .. unless they’ve been flagged as a Russian Troll account. This is more about a community service announcement that we don’t want to help Russian troll accounts!

Facebook Ad Image Sizes for 2018

Using Facebook Ads?  You should be!

What matters most?  Your image or video in the ad!

Here are the latest Ad sizes for Facebook courtesy of AdEspresso.


Use these image sizes to optimize your Facebook Ads and make sure your ads look sharp and get clicks.  This is critical to capturing the “eye” of the user in the news feed!

Instagram Updates

Send a Live Video in Direct

Send a live video directly to a friend or group of friends. When you’re live click the Direct icon at the bottom of the screen and send your video. It will land in your friend’s inbox.


A business can use this feature to send followers special offers or new product videos directly to a followers inbox. This is a very promising feature!

Instagrams Adds Recommended Posts to a Feed

Instagram is adding an additional feed, Recommended Posts. It will contain 3 to 5 suggestions.


Your products and services could get new eyeballs and clicks. This will be a good thing if people check the new feed.

While there weren’t that many changes this past 2 weeks, who knows what 2018 will bring?

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