Cool ideas to get PR coverage for your finance business

Cool ideas to get PR coverage for your finance business

The finance sector is one of the most competitive in the business landscape. For those that own and operate a finance company of any kind, it's more important than ever that you stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of ways to do this, with SEO and content marketing ideally suited to the digital world we live in. However, press coverage is not to be underestimated when it comes to audience reach and making sure that more people are aware of your company and when they should use your services. Getting PR coverage is a tried and tested way to grow a business, and that means knowing the best ways to get that essential press presence.

Make New Announcements

Journalists have to trawl through a lot of press releases, and the majority of them are bland, or even just repeats of old information. Make sure that you get more coverage on the radio or in the local print press by making sure that your press releases not only go to the right people but that you limit those communications to when you have something new to discuss. This could be new legislation that affects the finance sector, money management news, or new finance packages that you have made available. Keep your press releases to the point and as current/relevant as possible, and you'll be more likely to catch the eye of an eager journalist.

Inform People of Big Wins

Have you just signed a new contract with a big firm, or won an industry award? Don't rely on other people to let the press know and send out emails or make phone calls yourself. The good news is that this kind of news attracts new contracts, or gets you submitted into different award schemes. The more people know that you are at the top of your game, the more likely that they will think of you when they need their finances managed by you and your team. There are lots of ways to boost sales for your business, but let people know when you're winning big, and you'll be more likely to grow.

YouTube and Video for PR

More people are watching YouTube than ever before. Having a YouTube channel for your finance business might seem like a lot of work, but the returns might be more high-value than you think, especially when you look at the Cash Lady YouTube League and see how much some people are making! For your finance company, basics like promotional videos can be great for sharing on social media, but they might not get you the press coverage that you're looking for. Instead, look at recapping industry events, conducting video interviews with big names in your sector (or your in-house team), and getting video footage of customer testimonials. These can all be fantastic for getting more shares on social media, but they might also catch the eye of the local TV station for extra PR coverage.

Get Involved in Local Media

As someone with a finance business, you have a unique set of skills that most people are lacking. That means that you can help to provide a valuable resource. Talk to your local radio station, online and print news, and the local TV station, and use this US News guide to fine-tune your approach. Let them know that you're available for appearances or for written columns that explain your sector in easy to understand language that offers advice for viewers, listeners, and readers. If you do this right, you may even end up a regular name in the local press, making it far more likely that those locals will think of you when they need you. 


PR coverage is just as valuable as ever, so don't dismiss it in favor of SEO and social media posts. Marketing in the digital age means adopting a wide range of methods to get your business name out there. Spend some time formulating a PR strategy that will see your finance business reach more people, attract new contracts, and make more profits.

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