How to Write an Attractive Guest Post Pitch With No Experience of Writing Letters

Writing an Attractive Guest Post Letter

The days of pattern letters, which gave good results, are long gone. People send hundreds of these emails every day, and they are now immediately added to the spam folder. If you don't want this fate with your guest post pitch, you need to learn not to waste the time of the busy people.

Writing emails in the right way seems like basic or even unnecessary knowledge. What can be difficult about guest post pitching? This is the first mistake people often make. The content you are trying to offer might be mind-blowing, but it is not worth anything without a good pitch. Why? Because no one will even open your article if the email you've sent sucked. According to the WritingCheap research agency, the open rate in the media and publishing industry is only 18%. Our tips and recommendations will help you increase the open rate by at least 25% and more, even if you are an amateur in writing letters.

Intriguing Subject Line

People tend not to open the majority of emails. They are sick and tired of the traditional and trivial patterns of the messages that they have already been seen many times:

  • Subject: William, I want to compliment your article.
  • Subject of the letter: Jane, cool content!
  • Subject: I wanted to say thank you.

Bloggers simply do not have time for praise or cheap flattery. Thus, you need to come up with something new and exciting. Remember that two elements are responsible for the conversion. These are emotions and logic. Emotions evoke curiosity to discover, while logic is looking for something useful.

Use Name and Signature

Dale Carnegie said, "A person's name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language." Address your recipient by name in every letter. Nameless letters smell like templates and get less feedback.

Use corporate email

Corporate email gives more results than standard, This situation will increase the trust in you. Make sure you use personal email for the outreach instead of the standard info@, contact@.

[email protected] is the worst email address to use. It immediately informs you that a robot is contacting you. And that's kind of rude.

Ask for an opinion

Offer something really new and interesting to your recipients. They need valuable information that will enrich their content. At first, you need to study the existing content carefully, find out what you can do to interest them. It is challenging to have only the articles with high-quality content on your blog. So choose the post that will really intrigue your target. Your content should offer something new and useful. And do not ask for a publication right away. Ask for a piece of advice or recommendation.

Kill the sense of a template

Templates kill the desire for further contact with you. Convert them to personal messages.

Use the following message structures:

  • mention the author's article, which contained useful elements for you;
  • write why it was helpful to you;
  • show your own material;
  • tell what makes it unique;
  • ask for feedback on the article.

Do not flatter

Almost every site has weak pages that are not worthy of attention. Do not admire the weak content of the author. Spend some time carefully examining and finding the strengths of content that you can really admire. Focus on this and create worthy praise.

Get to know the person better

Study the person you're referring to. Look at their hobbies, interests, other social information. Use this information to find an individual approach for your guest post pitch.

Update the content

Let's say you have found outdated content on a popular blog. Don't hesitate to write about it to the author and offer to supplement the information with your content. This works best when the article was published more than two years ago. Mind that this method will not work if it has already been recently upgraded. Do your research.

How to make your pitch more effective?

Let's review a couple of tricks that will make your outreach more efficient.

1. Use the inviting tone

Instead of "you", use the pronoun "we". It creates the feeling that you will be helped, you will not be abandoned, and helps to establish friendly contact.

2. Time of delivery is important

On Mondays, the flow of letters is so significant that your email won't even be noticed. On Friday, people are already thinking about the weekend. Wednesdays and Thursdays are probably a good time, but there may not have enough concentration to answer this week so that people may forget about the answer. Tuesday morning is the best option for sending your guest post pitch for optimum viewing.

If pitching and posting articles on various sources was that easy, we would have been all working for Forbes or BBC. So, test multiple options, study your recipient, forget about templates, and enjoy your future publications!

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