How To Prevent Click Fraud So You Can Stay On Budget

Prevent Click Fraud to Stay on Budget

Never before have advertisers been able to target a market more precisely than you can today. With social media advertising and PPC for Google and Bing, you can find the exact person at the exact moment they are looking to buy your product or service. It used to be that you had to cast a wide net and you never knew if your ad money was bringing a good return. This is now easy to track but, you also have to consider preventing click fraud.

Now with PPC reporting tools for agencies, you know how much money your ads are bringing in. There is one problem with this type of advertising, however. And that is your competition can sabotage your ad budget by running click fraud on your ads. It’s called click fraud and it is something every eCommerce store or SaaS goes through at some point or another.

In this article, we will go over some ways that you can prevent click fraud from ruining your ad budget.

Know your competitors

Competition online is fiercer than ever these days. And if you are doing a good job of cornering the market then your competition may have to turn to fraudulent measures to be able to beat you.

When they can’t compete on price or quality, they often will use click fraud to run up your budget. This means you can’t effectively target the market you want.

To prevent click fraud, you should do regular searches for the keywords you are bidding on. This can show who comes up along with yours. Additionally, you should see who comes up when you do a search of your organic keywords. These are the companies and sites that are having trouble winning the auction for PPC and organic results.

If they can’t beat you with legitimate means then they are likely running a click fraud campaign. If you notice your ROI dropping or you’re not getting the top result anymore then run an audit. You can do this with software that checks your competition to see if they are clicking your ads.

Minimize your exposure

You should make sure that your ads are very targeted. This can minimize the risk of going up against some shady competition. For instance, if your product or service is more popular in Australia, then target those results. Additionally, block results going to other countries that are high in the fraud zone.

For example, if your competition is doing well in India, and not Australia then they will click fraud you. If they are not targeting Australia then you have minimized your risk of running up against fraudsters.

Target high-cost offers

Most of the types of businesses and websites that run click fraud campaigns are usually at the low end of offers. They are usually cheap and not worth really competing against anyway. Make sure that your product or service is in the high-end range and you won’t be dealing with as much fraud.

Your ad spend will be higher, but so will the returns, and your budget will be in line with where it should be when all is said and done.