How to Plan a Launch Event for Your Small Business or Start-up

How to Plan a Launch Event for Your Small Business or Start-up

A launch event is a fabulous way to showcase your new start-up venture and introduce your business name to the market. The basics are simple. Host a small party and invite your target market. The press coverage and social media following a business receives as a result more than pays for the cost of the event. A good launch event allows you to cultivate some valuable goodwill, lets you meet and network with potential clients or customers, and gives your business a human face for your clients to relate to.

Launch events require careful planning, time, effort, and budget. While they don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, but you must ensure that you put together a classy event to attract all the right attention. If you are thinking about a PR or launch event for your small business or start-up, follow this launch event checklist to help you plan the perfect event.

1. Define the objectives of your event:

You need to think strategically when you plan a launch event.  Ask yourself what you hope to achieve from the event, and what value do your guests get in return for attending? This will help you stay focused on your goal when organizing your event.

2. Start planning as soon as possible:

A well-organized, and well-branded event is key to generating a positive media buzz for your brand. You should allow yourself enough time to get everything organized on time.

3. Select and book an appropriate venue:

The right venue should be large enough to fit your guests comfortably and be appropriate to your brand and clientele. For instance, something up a long flight of stairs isn’t suitable for a group of old people, or a bar isn’t the best place to invite expecting mothers.

4. Finalize a guest list and send out invitations:

Don’t be afraid to be ruthless while making a guest list. Your guests should be people who will add value to your event. Filling up your guest lists with friends and family alone will not benefit your business or brand. Invite influencers, potential brand ambassadors, journalists, vloggers, bloggers, and celebrities that can help your brand get noticed. To make sure you're choosing the right people, you can use tools such as a people search finder, which can assist in finding out more about a certain individual and their backgrounds.

5. Make your event entertaining and memorable: 

You must realize that most of your guests probably get invited to many similar events. You have to ensure that your event stands out from the rest. Be creative and use music and entertainment to your advantage. Your guests are giving you their time, so while food and drinks are a must-have, consider a goodie bag. Tote bags with your logo branded on them can serve as goodie bags and be used later for continued endorsement. To make the event memorable, add some personal touches to the decorations in your venue. You can also decorate your tables and chairs by having a tablecloth and chair covers that suit the theme of your launch.

6. Use social media to your advantage:

Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media to share pictures and stories from your event to make others curious about your brand. Create your own hashtag and use it on your promotional materials so you can engage with other posts about your event.

A lot goes into planning a great launch event, but as long as you get it right, a launch event is the perfect way to start your start-up business on the right foot.

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