How to Fund Your Business Expansion

How to Fund Your Business Expansion
In the 21st century – with the help of the internet – many people have been able to create and figurehead their own businesses. The 21st century is truly the age of financial independence, and now, more than ever, we are able to achieve financial independence and be whoever we want to be. However, just because we are able to start our own businesses, it does not mean we are able to fund their expansions. Business expansion can mean many things, from expanding to an international store or location, to simply another town, or beginning to move online.

This page will hope to tell you a few ways that you can fund your business’ expansion.


Loans are often the first point of call for many when it comes to business expansion. There are a few different types of loans that you can get to fund your businesses expansion, however, and this page should hope to tell you what those options are. It is important you carefully consider a loan before taking it out, as if you do not honour your repayments, you can wind up in a lot of debt and risk your businesses future and financial security.

Secured Loans

Secured loans are the quickest and easiest way for you to fund your businesses expansion. A secured loan can often reach your account on the same day that you apply for it – and they have very competitive interest rates. The financial money-lending experts of GreenStarCash explain that loans can be a great benefit in times of hardship and can help you to finance whatever it is you need to finance. Using a secured loan to fund your businesses expansion is a wonderful way to expand your business – providing you honour your repayments and pay them back according to your plan.

Bank Loans

Bank loans are the second option when it comes to loans. The problem with bank loans is that they often require a very high credit rating to take out, and should you default on your payments, the bank will be able to repossess your business or your home – or whatever collateral you have put down to secure the loan. A bank loan, providing you meet the criteria, can be a great option for taking out a loan and funding your business’ expansion. Always, as with any loan, honour your repayments, as not doing so can mean big trouble.

Friends and Family

Borrowing from friends and family is a good idea, providing you pay them back. Our friends and family will be able to lend us large sums of money, providing we pay them back on time. A problem often occurs when borrowing from family and friends – and that is that we do not believe it is necessary for us to pay them back, or rather, we think they will forgive us for not paying them back, and as a consequence of that, do not honour the repayment plans that we have made with them. It is very important that if you do ever borrow from family or friends, you pay them back as soon as you have the cash to do so. Not doing so can be a detriment to your relationship and can cause rifts to form in your family and friendship groups.


A re-mortgage is another quick and effective way to make some money and fund your businesses expansion. This is, however, only something you should do if you are certain your business is going to succeed. If it is not, it is not worth doing this, as you could jeopardize your quality of life and risk putting your family’s home at risk. A re-mortgage is something that must be carefully thought through and should never be done just on a whim. If you are going to re-mortgage your home, give it some serious consideration beforehand.

Selling Your Belongings

Selling your belongings is a method, albeit one you might do reluctantly, to fund your businesses expansion. If you are not eligible for loans, have no friends to lend you anything, nor have anything to re-mortgage – this may be your only option. Selling your belongings, providing you are certain your business will be successful, is still a good way to make enough money to expand your business. You can sell them online, at a yard sale, or at a car-boot sale. All of these are wonderful ways to sell your belongings and sometimes make a profit off of them. Give it serious consideration beforehand, however.

Now, with the help of this page, you know a few ways to make enough money to fund your businesses expansion, whatever that might be. Stepping out into the world of business for yourself may seem daunting but is something you will not regret. You too can achieve financial independence. Believe in yourself.

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