How to Do A Background Check for Free in 2021

For both small and large businesses, the recruiting and recruitment process can be difficult. To be sure, you should verify a person's criminal history in addition to their talents and educational background. Today, we'll look at a few different methods for conducting a background check on a prospect.

There is no longer any need to follow the customary procedure. This guide's initial solution is highly effective and advanced enough to provide you with all the information you require. Thus, all you need to do now is stay with us for the next 10 minutes to learn everything you need to know about conducting an online background check.

So let's get started by learning some of the most basic methods for checking public information.

Use online background check tools

More and more businesses are using internet background check tools to assess potential employees before hiring them. An online free background check is a tool that allows you to view all of a person's public records. The program works by matching your query against all publicly available information.

How to Do A Background Check for Free

After that, the tools provide you with an accurate report that tells you everything you need to know about them. There are a plethora of free tools available to conduct a background check. Today, we'll demonstrate how to use FastPeopleSearch's background check feature.

Here are some details on the platform.


FastPeopleSearch is a sophisticated search engine for locating many forms of public information. You can use the platform to look up a person, a property, a phone number, or an email address. Anyone can use its services to do an internet background check. The choice of this program was based on the confidence of millions of users.

Another reason is that the platform is free and does not require you to create an account in order to utilize it. The benefit of this function is that it allows you to conduct a background check while being anonymous.

What is the Background Check Tool in FastPeopleSearch and How Do I Use It?

FastPeopleSearch is the most convenient approach to check a candidate's background. All you have to do is go to the website's homepage and use the Background Check function. It will prompt you to input the name of the person you want to run a background check on.

After inputting the name, press the search button and wait for the results. It will create a background check report with the information from the background check findings.

You may learn more about how to use these reports to find all of the candidate's information. It will display the person's educational records, employment histories, criminal records, and civil records.

Working with Private Investigators

Hiring third-party investigation organizations is the standard method of doing a background check on employees. These organizations look up a person's public information and conduct a physical background check to confirm their information. Because you don't have to rely on secondary sources of information, the strategy is highly effective.

The check is carried out by the investigative team using various ways. However, the procedure can take a long time and cost a lot of money. This is the method's only drawback.

This strategy can also be used if you are a huge corporation with sufficient resources. You may either engage a freelancing agency or collaborate with some well-known businesses to achieve this for you.

Check the agency's certification because accessing someone's information requires permission from the authorities. As a result, hiring a professional will assist you in avoiding legal issues.

Perform a background check on social media

You can undertake your research on social media platforms if you don't need to complete an in-depth background check. When you wish to watch a person's behavior and social activities, this strategy is useful. You can do this by looking up the person's social media pages and checking out their updates to see what kind of person they are.

You can also use social media networks like MySpace to broaden the scope of your inquiry and obtain speedy results. Before looking into a candidate's social media accounts or internet presence, be sure you have their permission.

Using Bankruptcy Records

This method is useful for determining a candidate's financial situation. You may do this by seeing if they've ever filed for bankruptcy. If you come across any records, it's critical to figure out why they made them and how they can influence your company. Regular background checks do not normally include this information.

As a result, doing this check individually is critical. This information is easily accessible in public documents pertaining to bankruptcy filings in your state.

Using Identity Verification Services

There are online services that allow you to verify a person's identification. These services differ from standard background checks in that they focus solely on identification verification. It might assist you in determining whether the person is presenting accurate information while applying for the job.

The main drawback is that this background check will not be sufficient in locating conclusive records for hiring that individual. As a result, you may need to run a background check on a frequent basis.

You can call a service provider and inquire about the details of this type of background check for further information.

Final Thoughts

You can use these five strategies to assist you the next time you conduct a background check for free on a prospect. The majority of these options are inexpensive and take only a few minutes to do. The ordinary background check and identity verification check, on the other hand, may take a little longer than usual.

The most crucial thing is to know what kind of background check is necessary for the job. If you're hiring someone for professional services (at a high level), we recommend conducting a thorough background check.

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