How to Create a Facebook Tab Complete Marketing Campaign


With over 1.2 billion users and spanning all important demographics, you've heard me say before that Facebook is a key location where businesses can connect with their ideal audience.

This article lays out how you can do that!

We'll review an overview of how a business can create a Facebook Marketing campaign to drive users to a tab where they can access a coupon or deal offer.

The Who:

No, not the band.  A key first step in any business campaign, but even more so when creating a online and social media campaign, is to identify your target audience.

  • Who exactly are you trying to reach?
  • What gender?
  • Age range?
  • What are their typical online behaviors?
  • What pain do they have that your products or services can address?

Answering these questions is critical to success as it helps you in later campaign steps to cater information to this specific audience.

Once the target audience is clarified and what pain points the audience has, then a campaign can be built that speaks in the language (style) of that audience and addresses their specific needs.

The Tab:

ww_facebook_com_dollywood_app_317355118338012Once identified, the next step in the Facebook campaign is to create the offer landing tab on Facebook.

This is the place that outlines the offer and gives the visitor access to it.  The key is doing it in a way that enables a lead capture so that you will be able to market to the user in the future as well.

For this process I recommend creating a deal, coupon or offer tab.

Offer something of value to the ideal audience that is an incentive for them to take action.

This offer should be time specific, not too long or short, something like 5-10 days can work best as well so that there is a need to act upon the offer in a timely fashion. The tab should have a clear and concise description related to what the visitor gets and what action they need to take to participate.

The Where:

After the campaign tab is ready, the next step is setting up the campaign's other promotion assets.  By this I mean creating the awareness and distribution messages for each channel where the campaign can be shared.


One key area that can be used on Facebook is the Facebook Page cover image.

The cover image is the first and primary message area a visitor see's when coming to a Facebook Page.  It is large and needs to be visually attractive and convey the campaign offer concisely. I definitely recommend businesses design a new cover image for their Facebook page that announces the campaign message and includes a clear Call to  Action that alerts visitors to the offer.


Next, it is time to schedule posts to the page that will go into the News Feed for prime times when your fan base is on Facebook.


This can be done on Facebook, using a tool like Hootsuite, or by using the schedule tools inside of the TabSite Engagement App (Buffer, Hootsuite, Sendible, Plan Your Post). Mix the posts up in terms of style (image, link, and even video), and message, not simply repeating the same statement.

NOTE: Mixing the campaign posts in with your regular posts is important.  You do not want to just repetitively push a promotion as the only messaging your company is doing on Facebook.  Ideally, the campaign should be about 20-25% of the overall mix of regular posting a page is doing on Facebook.  As well, posts that are visual engage the viewer the best,so use images!

Remember to also keep the text concise and include the smart URL linking to the coupon/deal tab. The viewer can then see the post in their own Facebook news feed, be motivated to click through, and  ultimately arrive at the offer on the Facebook page tab where they can opt in.  See the post, How to post for Maximimum Engagement on Facebook.


Lastly, in addition to the cover image and scheduled posts, be sure to announce the campaign on your website and blog, and send out a email update to your existing email lists to alert them as well.

Beyond this, sharing messages on other relevant social media channels your audience interacts on can help get the word out.

Remember, this isn’t a once and done item.  The more you can share in relevant ways and encourage your community to share during the time leading up to, during and nearing the end of the campaign, the better you can increase your campaign reach. The more you increase the reach, the higher the number of participants you can get.

That’s the quick overview of a repeatable Facebook campaign.

Listen to my podcast on this subject to get even more tips and ideas at

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