How to Assess Your Website Traffic and Build an Improvement Plan

How to Assess Your Website Traffic and Build an Improvement Plan

Getting people to your website is what it’s all about online, right?

Natural traffic, otherwise known as Organic traffic or non-ad driven traffic, is the holy grail and desire of all businesses online. The goal for many is to see their website on page one of Google.

In the past, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks and paid backlinks were the way to go to achieve this. Today, these strategies do not last.

It's best to utilize a balance of SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and organic driven traffic. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, so use proven methods that stand the test of time.

The best way to do this is to create a digital fabric that inspires, engages, and nurtures connections; one that will ultimately build a sustainable platform for any business by creating organic traffic!

10 Proven and Timeless Strategies for Creating Organic Traffic

Here’s a list of key strategies for growing organic website traffic that any business can being to implement today:

1. Know What Is Already Working!

How? By evaluating...

  • Review current web traffic patterns. When is traffic highest each week? Month? Key Pages? Time spent on site averages?
  • Understand the sources of where current traffic is coming from. This helps you know where to spend time going forward!

Example: What percentage of traffic is from Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc.? It's important to know that invested time is paying off.

Have countless hours been spent on developing the business’s Twitter presence but only a small percentage of traffic is landing on the page from there? Shift focus and make sure that time invested is paying off and creating traffic.

2. Make Sure That The Site is Mobile Friendly

  • Your site will rank higher in Search Engines like Google and Bing.
  • Mobile users “bounce” (leave sites) faster if the site does not work well on mobile.
  • 90% of people have a mobile device within reach 100% of the time!

People more and more have a mobile device within arm's reach and as an idea strikes, they Google it! Make sure that the site is working well for this reality. If your site works for mobile users, this can increase traffic.

3. Have a Plan!

  • Know your ideal audience
  • Have goals on traffic, leads from the site
  • Set objectives, what will you do to grow traffic and leads?
  • Don’t waste time! You can’t be everywhere and do everything. Focus on the biggest key items.
  • Slow down to speed up. Don’t just keeping doing what you are doing and expect different results!

Know what the audience needs and create content that is resource-rich and delivers value. Think of courting new customers online as a series of steps.

How can you provide resources, not a sales pitch, so that they get to know your company, your expertise, your offerings, and build trust to want to do business with you? Answer that and you have the start of a plan!

4. Tap Into Social Media

This is a surefire way to MORE QUICKLY CREATE:

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Relationships

Remember, it takes about 7 points of contact with your business before someone is ready to buy from you. Social media can help be part of these connection points!

Use social media to increase brand awareness, optimize the conversion funnel by driving traffic to your site and to learn more about the audience. Organic traffic generation builds integrated marketing that works by ultimately increasing sales!

If you create great content for your site that is resource-rich, share that and talk about it on social media. Be prepared to reply and respond and be REGULAR at this on a weekly basis. Learn more about What Works On Facebook Today.

5. Blog On Hot Industry and Client-centered Topics

What questions are people wanting answered? Answer them in blog posts!

  • Be an agile business by writing about new trends
  • By doing so your content may index quicker with Google and rank higher
  • Pick and choose industry news that is relevant to your ideal audience

Many industry success stories reported high visibility by being within the first group of people to blog about a hot topic in their industry.

Google knows what your site is about. If you can help break news or offer in-depth on new trends, that’s helpful in driving traffic to your site and improving your page ranking.

6. Find A Gap In The Niche and Fill It!

  • Integrate sources
  • Make it believable
  • Research top keywords in the niche

Ask where the content holes are in your industry. The greatest content is what no one else wants to write about or has written about!

It may require too much research or effort so many people will steer clear of the topic. Take this as a call to action and increase visibility by finding those spots and places that make sense for you.

7. Do Not Follow The Herd

  • Know your audience
  • What are people thinking?
  • Do not simply copy competition

Write content that is specific to the needs of your target audience. Know what people want to read and when they want to read it. Get inside of people's heads!

By working in a specific industry, one may reflect that on Friday nights, the audience will want short, informative clips. On Saturday mornings, when the audience is more rested, they may be ready for a more involved and longer new blog post.

Do it for THEM and for data-driven reasons, not just because competition is doing something.

8. Create Evergreen Content

“Evergreen content” is content that does not get out-of-date. It is great quality content that lasts. Often these are some of the top trafficked pages of your site and they remain high over time.

  • Evergreen post and pages have a long shelf life
  • This is a combination of the art and science of the internet!

Ask what are the industry’s keywords, what do people search for and what, no matter what, will people always want to know about the topic. Evergreen content must solve a problem, a need and help the customer today, tomorrow and five years down the line.

So, it’s “in demand” and there is room to rank well for the keyword term you focus on in the post.

9. Less Is More

  • Quality over quantity

Don’t create content or blog every day just to fill space with fluff. 600 words of quality is far better than 3 posts of 300 words of nothingness! The audience will appreciate quality, well thought out, informative and valuable content indefinitely over fluff.

We said it before, slow down to speed up! Work smarter and know the audience. Remember the ethics behind the internet.

Create a place where the audience knows they can find trustworthy and time-worthy content every time they visit the space. This will create return customers and incredible volumes of traffic.

10. Share-ability Factor

  • People must WANT to share the content!
  • Focus on what the audience loves
  • Ensure you have social sharing integrated into your web pages

Make sure the content is always:

  • Trustworthy
  • Believable
  • Ethical

People create their own internet personality by sharing content. Give them content they can be proud to share on social media and they will keep coming back for more. Create a source that is a reliable staple!

So that’s a wrap on the 10 ideas you can begin to implement today. While these are at a “overview” level, they give you enough substance that you can begin to review what you are doing, create a plan for new content and website changes, and then deploy that plan on your site and social media.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your traffic be. Think long term and be diligent to see the rewards!

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