How Startups Can Go Paperless This 2022

How Startups Can Go Paperless This 2022

The concept of paperless transactions and business processes has existed for decades. However, some organizations continue and opt to rely heavily on paper and physical copies of documents and records. Reasons for this include initial costs and resources needed for transition. Not to mention the difficulties in digitizing all existing records, and the need to acquire digital skills.

However, while it is true that it may take a lot of time and adjustment, going paperless can certainly offer startups numerous benefits. It can make a business’s processes more efficient, systematic, and organized. More so, it can help reduce operational expenses such as printing costs.

How To Go Paperless

Startup businesses can go paperless in several ways. But first and foremost, the approach to be used should include your workforce. Since they’ll be adopting the paperless processes regularly, it is only important that they understand the importance of shifting to this sustainable practice. Thus, they should understand how the digitalization process works.

To start, here are some digital document management practices that can help your business can go paperless.

1. Use Online Forms

Instead of using physical copies of forms to collect information, consider utilizing an online form document. With this, you minimize the printing costs. Additionally, online forms also allow you to digitally store and input important records.

You can create digital forms for internal transactions and external use.  

2. Transition to Digital Fax

Digital faxing is a great way to send a document electronically via the internet. More so, incoming faxes can be sent to you directly. This increases privacy as they come thru your email or as files that you can see in a web fax portal.

There are a lot of digital fax services platforms available online to help you transition to paperless operations. You can check websites such as to learn more.

3. Store Data Using Cloud

Today, cloud services are proving to be one of the best ways to store data digitally. Before, businesses that utilize physical copies of documents would need to allocate ample space for storage cabinets. But now, thanks to modern technology, you can easily store and save digital files.

Moreover, one of the perks of storing all of your data in the cloud is that it allows you to access your files from anywhere. That is as long as you have an internet connection.


4. Maximize The Use Of Digital Devices

Consider using laptops, tablets, and even your phone when taking notes during meetings. Or even in other situations where you need to write things down. By doing so, you can easily store notes and other important business directions. This can help make disseminating minutes quicker and more efficient.

You can also switch from paper handouts and reports to digital files or presentations. These can be sent to each member of your team before the meeting.


5. Shift To Electronic Signature 

One of the ways your business can slowly shift to paperless documents and transactions is by adopting electronic signatures. By standards, an e-signature is considered a real signature. By doing so, your team won’t need to print certain documents, since each party who needs to sign can easily do it digitally.

You can easily email, sign and return digital documents quickly. More so, after the complete round of signing, the document is easy to save.

6. Take Advantage Of Electronic Billing 

In this digital age, the processing of billings and invoices can also be done digitally. Not only can it cut down costs of paper and printing or eliminate the clutter of papers and checks, but electronic billing also offers a convenient way of sending and receiving invoices thru email.

Moreover, today, payments can also be made online. This also helps improve the efficiency and productivity of the finance department of your organization.

7. Issue Digital Receipts

Aside from sending electronic billings and invoices, startup businesses can also go paperless by issuing digital receipts. Much like enabling payment transactions online, business owners can also furnish clients with a digital copy of their transaction receipt thru email.

With this fantastic alternative, your business and clients can easily save important transaction slips and receipts without storing a stack of papers.

Final Thoughts

Aside from being able to adopt and implement a more sustainable practice in your organization, going paperless can also help your business maintain a competitive edge. It can help streamline certain processes. This may help boost the efficiency and productivity of your operations. Especially, in terms of storing and processing data.

Moreover, technology and the rise of the digital age empowers businesses to implement more productive communication and data storing tools and methods.

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